Antarctica: Polly at the rookery


Polly has visited several penguin rookeries, which have their own pungent perfume! The penguins are such entertaining and curious creatures! Both the male and female take turns sitting on the egg and keep up the nest of stones.







11 thoughts on “Antarctica: Polly at the rookery

  1. Thank you for answering a question I have been very curious about ..and dying to ask..are the penquins odorous? When I visited San Francisco, there were seals and walrus on sunbathing on a pier..finding which pier they preferred was very easy to just followed your nose and ears…lol
    GOD Bless,
    PS: Polly looks quite at home in her little outfit.

  2. I really like these latest photos you posted, but I absolutely loved the photos taking in sunshine where the beautiful glacier blue ice was so prominent.

  3. I love your photos! I wonder if the penguins ever say to each other, “I wonder why all these people just come to look at us?” Hee!

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