fairy house tour (part 1)

Last week,  I drove with my husband and a friend to Old Lyme, Connecticut, to see the eagerly anticipated Wee Faerie Village on the grounds of the Florence Griswold Museum.  It was the last opportunity to see the display, because this year’s exhibit closed yesterday. I’m told that they coordinate the building of a new village every other year, so the next event should be in the fall of 2014.

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(added May 30, 2015)
The Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall outdoor exhibit will be held from June 28th to August 31, 2015 at Highfield Hall in Falmouth, MA. In addition to curating the exhibit, Salley Mavor has made a fairy family of 5, which is being raffled (3 tickets for $5.00). Tickets may be purchased online or at Highfield Hall, where the fairy family is on display. The raffle drawing will be August 30, 2015. The prize will be sent to the winner anywhere in the world! Good luck!

Even with cloudy skies and cool temperatures, we enjoyed strolling around the property, following the numbered mushroom signs. Over thirty fairy dwellings were created by artists from the area, including my favorite, Nevergreen Caverns, made by the museum’s education director, David D.J. Rau.

Three hollow logs are stacked on a larger stump, with each space furnished with fairy comforts.

I found the burned wood markings charming…

as well as the mushroom roofed balconies.

It was well worth the visit! I will show more pictures of other houses in my next post.

15 thoughts on “fairy house tour (part 1)

  1. O M GOONDESS SALLEY! I’ve been obsessing about fairy houses lately! Never knew they had Fairy Village exhibits.. Oh I would love to have seen it..
    But more importantly, How did you ever get your husband to go along to see Fairy Houses.. Did you promise him a steak dinner afterwards?.. or did you drug him? Was it a trade off, like go with me to see fairy houses and next week.. I go with you to the tire store and we’ll talk about different tire threads?
    I can’t get my husband to take a walk around the park, much less a museum or craft show..I’d have to dangle a television screen in front of him, then quickly throw it into the car, so by the time he realizes where we’re going it’s too late.
    I guess some of us are married to Renaissance men.. and rest are married to the ones missing that one chromosome..lol
    Envious.. GOD Bless, Rebecca

  2. Funny thing, Sally. One of my friends who went ape over your Wee Fairy Folk book, and your work in general, when I showed it to her this summer, is an artist whose fairy house is featured in that show! Maybe you saw it? Off by itself down by a little creek, kind of a large driftwood sculpture/fairy dwelling set within n a circle of bricks. Anyway, I love your work! All the best, Linda

  3. I am so glad you shared these photos or would never guess there would be these delightful creations out there for us. Thanks, Claudia.

  4. Salley, thanks so much for sharing your photos of the fairy village! I can’t wait to see more. I would have gone to this if I had known about it – can’t wait for 2014! 🙂 I am putting it on my calendar now.

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