Birds of Beebe Woods: cedar waxwing


Update: See the completed piece and read more about it here.
More and more birds are emerging in Birds of Beebe Woods, including this 6″ long cedar waxwing. Here are the felt parts before they were all embroidered and attached.


I like stitching the feather patterns and textures.


Poster - Birds of Beebe Woods

Poster – Birds of Beebe Woods

Poster – Birds of Beebe Woods

The September deadline for the Intimate Woods exhibit at Highfield Hall is approaching, so my goal is to make 3 small birds this week and more after that, if I have time. Then I have to attach everything to a stretched background, which usually takes longer than I think.

Update: Posters and cards of Birds of Beebe Woods are available in my Etsy Shop.

28 thoughts on “Birds of Beebe Woods: cedar waxwing

  1. I love the cedar waxwing. Well, I love all of the birds actually. Thank you for posting pictures of the process. So interesting and inspiring!

  2. LOVE this one too! This finished piece will be truly amazing. I sure hope to get to Highfield Hall to see it in person. Thank you for your step by step sharing, but seeing it come ALIVE will really be a treat.
    It looks like the birds will fly right off the table!

  3. Your work leaves me speechless! it is just gorgeous, thank you for sharing the process, I so look forward to your posts and re-visit them often.

  4. Superb. So envious. You are an inspiration right now when I am
    unable to work on a project because of other things going on.
    Seeing this beautiful work preserves my artist soul. Thank you
    for sharing.

  5. Simply WOW Salley! I am always amazed at how” GOD Like” humans can be to take an object that is flat and lifeless and give it a three dimensional form that brings it to life. Whether it is clay that becomes a bowl, a clump of gold into a piece of jewelery, stands of grass into a basket or yards of fabric into a gown fit for a queen.. I am always amazed and humbled.

  6. Salley, your Cedar Waxwing is simply stunning! So very lifelike, and around our garden they are simply marvelous strawberry thieves. These birds are so charming we ignore the lost berries. Thank you so much for sharing your artistic treasures with all of us admirers.

  7. Oh my word, if I was there I would be tempted to kidnap that bluejay! This piece is amazingly beautiful – a bird lover’s dream! You must have the world’s most nimble fingers – I can’t imagine doing all the stitchwork on this and all your other pieces.

  8. i almost cannot belive someone actually made these birds one at a time. i know women had time and patience during medieval and perhaps the vistorian era, but in the 21st. century? you are an incredible woman. i am in awe!

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