Beth from Acorn Pies in the studio

Beth Curtin, the woman behind the wonderful blog Acorn Pies came over this morning for tea. We met through blogging and have been talking about meeting face to face for a couple of years. She’s in the area, at her Cape Cod house this summer, so we were able to have a nice visit in person.

I cleared away a space for us at the end of my oak table for us sit. The other end is filled with the makings of my current piece, Birds of Beebe Woods. In the last month, I’ve added many birds and will show more pictures when I’m finished. Right now, I’m stitching a chipping sparrow and will make a woodpecker next.

9 thoughts on “Beth from Acorn Pies in the studio

  1. I loved seeing your work space and visiting place…all in one. Beth Curtin is very lucky indeed! It will be exciting to see your finished “Birds” since I am loving what you have done so far. It truly is outstanding!!

  2. I am so excited to see the piece you are working on, it looks just amazing! Also wish I was there having tea with you two, looks so inviting, love your workspace!

  3. I had to leave one more comment! I went to Acorn Pies and just love Beth’s work, your workspace is also amazing! I will find great joy in keeping up with you both! Thanks!

  4. Hi Sally,
    Just popped over to your blog and saw Beth Curtin on your post!
    She is so lovely… we used to be in the same studio building until she moved over seas. I am so glad to know about her blog… I am headed over to check it out now!

  5. amei conhecer o trabalho é maravilhoso, aqui no BRASIL nunca vi nada parecido, DEUS abençõe suas mãos um abraço

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