Anne & Dennis wedding dolls

On my recent trip to visit my sister and her husband in Oregon, I took pictures of their wedding dolls. I made them for Anne and Dennis when they married in July, 1988.

In typical Mavor fashion, the wedding was an eclectic blend of cultures and styles. It would be out of character if any of us had a conventional wedding! Anne wore a dress from Afghanistan, with a Swedish crown of candles. (She spent a college year in Sweden.) Dennis wore a Polish outfit in a nod to his family heritage.

The dolls are about 6 inches tall and I think they were displayed on top of the wedding cake.

The candles on her head-dress are tube beads.

The hat, shoes and boots were made of real leather.

I remember enjoying adding the decorations to their clothing. It was fun to revisit the dolls after 24 years!

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11 thoughts on “Anne & Dennis wedding dolls

  1. Oh Salley, you are wonderful, what delightful little dolls and obviously very well preserved and taken care of. I adore the little vest.

  2. And seeing the dolls with their wedding picture is just a treat. You did a marvelous job capturing their special day for them forever. How lovely! I so enjoying seeing your work.

    Happy sewing

    • Cindy, I went through a period of making wedding dolls in the 80’s, when my friends were married. Then babies were born, so I made baby clothes as gifts. Now, I make felt wedding and baby banners for the next generation and show them on this blog from time to time.

  3. What a wonderful colorful wedding party and those dolls are the most special keepsake I can imagine! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  4. What a Beautiful Wedding Salley. To an untrained eye.. simple ..and yet so deep and personal on so many levels. I can see that creativity runs not just in you but thought-out your family also for not going the traditional route. Is you sister or her husband in the arts also? The dolls are a family treasure keepsake. GOD Bless all the couples.

  5. What delightful dolls you had made and what a fun, unique wedding! I loved seeing these…….so very charming!!!!

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