peplum fairy jacket

Last week, I saw this picture in the fashion section of the Wall Street Journal. The article pointed out a change in women’s business attire, from dark suits, to bright colors and even florals. The peplum jacket reminded me of my wee folk fairies. Not that today’s business women are wearing folksy petal petticoats and fitted, leafy tops. I’m just glad to see that women in the corporate world are showing more confidence in their own individuality. Those pink shoes have got to go, though!

I designed a felt peplum style jacket for my 3 1/2″ Blossom fairies about a dozen years ago. It is the basic pattern used for the fairy’s clothing in my how-to book Felt Wee Folk. This jacket is the usual giveaway that someone has used my patterns in dolls they sell on Etsy. I don’t mind that they make the dolls and use my patterns for their clothing, but I try to keep up with shop owners and ask that they credit me and my book as the inspiration for their creations. Most everyone honors my request and are usually apologetic, when they realize that they didn’t think to credit me in their product descriptions. One woman said that she assumed it was OK to use my designs because my book is so well-known. Well, the book is still being discovered and I hope it will stay in print for years to come. That means that the publisher needs to see a consistent demand for the book.

I’m not making dolls to sell myself and am happy that people are having such fun making them. The Bayberry Fairy below is included in my new Blossom Fairy Poster, which is available in my Etsy Shop. Want your poster autographed? Just mention it on your order.

10 thoughts on “peplum fairy jacket

  1. The shoes look like a hybrid from something from the 70’s! Ugly then–ugly now!
    I was at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell yesterday and saw “Posies” being dispayed in the shop. It looked good and of course caught my eye right away.

  2. Ha ha! I still have a sketch of a similar jacket with peplum that I designed when I was in high school some 40 years ago. Nothing new under the sun!

  3. I think this fairy is particularly fetching in her outfit….you trendsetter you! is it possible for you to sell copies of your book on etsy? just something to think about and might compliment your posters…people who want a poster might like trying their hands at making the fairies…if you can’t sell the books, you can certainly mention them somewhere in the poster description I would think or link to them on a sales site. I know I just bought your book 3-4 years ago when I discovered it so I would definitely think there would be a demand….just a thought.

    • Thanks for your suggestions. I already mention “Felt Wee Folk” on Etsy, but they don’t allow links to other online stores. I could sell the book, but I can’t compete with amazon’s prices. The question is, are customers willing to pay full price, even with a personal autograph? I’m selling autographed copies of “In the Heart” on Etsy at a discount because I was able to get a supply when it went out of print.

  4. Agreed on your comments about the business attire. Must admit, I much prefer your fairy’s outfit.
    I’ve stumbled across a number of stories about intellectual property infringement. I’m wondering how much of a nuisance it is for you as an artist. How much of your time do you have to devote to protecting your product and name? I’m tempted to try Etsy, but I wonder what the tipping point is in sales versus leaving yourself vulnerable to IP infringement issues. I wish sometimes we could live in a fairytale world where we would only worry about which peplum jacket to wear today, and what to fill our basket with. (And what a perfect setting for a glamor shot–what is that tree?) And the hair–windblown fairy hair always looks perfect, with no combing!

    • Thanks for your words, Jusa. About copyright infringement–I’ve gone through periods of policing, but it does take time and energy away from creating NEW things. In the past, a very large company ripped me off and I couldn’t fight it. My work is unique enough that I can spot copies, but I don’t feel threatened. When you put your stuff out on the web, you have to be willing to let it be shared on sites like Pinterest. You just hope that your images will eventually entice people back to see more of your work. If you’re too protective, no one will ever see what you’ve made! That’s the pay off.

      And the Bayberry Fairy is sitting in a bayberry bush that’s at a nearby beach here on Cape Cod.

  5. I remember wearing clothing with peplum in my twenties, back in the 80’s and yes we wore it in the office no new invention there..
    To see what many of us girls wore back in the eighties you only have to look at a few episodes of Golden Girls.
    Let hope they never bring back those awful head sweat bands and high cut leotards..I don’t think any fitness center would allow me to work out dressed like Olivia Newton John and with my rubenesque figure.

  6. Hi Salley, Thank you so much for sharing your your amazing art and your techniques. I have learned so much from you. I was trying to contact you via but am not able to bring it up. Do you have an e-mail or some way to contact you personally.

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