Pansy, the last fairy

For the past few months, I’ve been wrapping legs, sewing felt tunics and painting faces for a new Ltd. Edition fairy doll. During those months, I found it harder and harder to find the time to work on the 25 dolls and kept putting them aside. Even though I still like making them, I’d rather be working on other projects, so I made the decision that PANSY would be the last fairy design in this series. It’s true, I won’t be making any more dolls to sell. Last week, I sent an e-mail announcement to those who asked to be put on a mailing list and all 25 have already sold. It has been a joy to create the dolls and I thank all of you who have purchased other wee folk characters. Over the past 8 years, I’ve made 21 different designs and sewed 750 individual dolls. 

Since the age of 12, I’ve been making and selling things, often mass producing large quantities of the same item. My little factory began with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band playing on the record player and now I work to the sound of Rosanne Cash. It’s time for a change, but I wanted to make one more fairy before devoting 100% of my studio time to my fabric relief artwork. Here are some photos of PANSY in the making.

12 thoughts on “Pansy, the last fairy

  1. I am so glad that I bought some of your fairies as there will be no more. Mine are now being put aside as heirlooms for my grandchildren who already sit and gaze at them in wonder. Thank you Salley.

  2. Salley, I’m glad for you and sad for me. Well, what I mean is I’m glad that you’ve made the decision to move to something else and unfortunately I wasn’t one of the 25. I too have made a decision to let go of one venture and pleased that I am moving ahead with another. I am waiting patiently to see what the next adventure will show from your studio. I’m excited for you, and me.

  3. Your dolls are very special. I wish I had discovered you a little earlier, because now it seems I am too late. That’s okay – I love following your blog and can’t wait to see what you will do next.

  4. Ah Salley, it is a bittersweet moment to know that Pansy will be your last hand made Fairy for us mundane humans. I count myself very fortunate to share housespace with three of your delightful creations.


  5. Moving on seems to be not as easy as we’d like it to be–I know what you mean. I’ve been a crafter from childhood too and although I’ve not reached the volume of work that you have, I do remember spending days and nights before any Holiday finishing up orders for dolls or hand-painted cards and even pastries! I wish you all the best on your new venture and thank you for sharing so much with us. My mother-in-law’s name was Pansy so in a way, your blog entry’s quite special to me!

  6. I love your tiny creations and your book and have it and more of the others as well. I have made many of your fairies from your book myself to decorate my fairy cottage and give here and there to friends. I also own one of your special little flower fairies which I now see is fortunate for me!.

  7. I’m sorry to see that you won’t be creating any more of these adorable fairies, though I can certainly understand your situation. Lucky are those who gave a home to these magical beings. The exciting part is the idea that this gives you the freedom to move on in new directions. I eagerly await future needle adventures!

  8. I am sad to see the end of these dolls. They are lovely and cheerful. A couple of them live in the fairy house that we built a 2 years ago. Finding a few of the discontinued fairy kits when we built the house has inspired a crafting bug for me that has led to other more complex projects. I will treasure the dolls and the remaining kits and the inspiration.

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