Turkey (the country, that is)

We took over 1000 pictures on our recent trip to Turkey, so I’m busy editing them down to a manageable number. I’ll be showing selected photos during the next month or so. Today’s group shows a variety of places we visited during our 2 1/2 week trip and is a preview of what’s to come. And Happy Thanksgiving or turkey day, as we say here in America!

9 thoughts on “Turkey (the country, that is)

  1. I must go to Turkey! Have just returned from a textile tour of Japan and am also working through photos and treasures purchased and so much inspiration. Thanks for sharing – lots!

  2. Fascinating. I’ve never been to Turkey, so this is armchair travelogue for me. I’d happily look through your entire collection, so I hope you share some more. What do the rabbits think of it all? Did you come away with any new ideas to apply to your own work?

    • Jusa, I didn’t see any rabbits in Turkey, but there were packs of cats! I don’t have a clear idea of how I will apply my experience of Turkey to my artwork, but I loved being surrounded by patterns and textures with an antique quality.

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