A visit to Mimi’s

I’m still catching up on writing about last week activities and will soon get to last weekend’s Conn. Book Fair and also post more pictures from my trip to Turkey.

I visited the talented doll and pin cushion maker Mimi Kirchner in Arlington, Mass. As you may remember from previous posts, Mimi inspired me to start this blog. This is the first time I’ve seen her new studio since she moved in. It was good to see that she has totally taken over the room. Unlike her previous quarters in the attic, she has heat and windows to look out of! Like her attic space, it’s chockfull of materials and inspiring objects. Downstairs, her inventory of Wee World pin cushions in tea cups were lined up on the piano.

And some dolls were piled in a wicker baby buggy. You can read more about Mimi and her work on her blog here.

11 thoughts on “A visit to Mimi’s

  1. Ooh, is that Mimi? How lovely to see her and in her studio too! We are both on on Twitter, and I love her work – thank you for posting this, now I can put a name to a face when I *speak* to her!

  2. Wonderful to see her and her studio. As a art doll creator I love to see the blogs of other doll makers. And ohhh, I so want a collection of your little Wee Folk Pincushions in tea cups. It’s great to get to see through your eyes.

  3. it’s so good to see my pal mimi here. in all my travels to Boston I’ve not yet had the opportunity to get to see HER place!

    i remember when she first told me you two were friends (i have to admit i was a bit STAR STRUCK!) i have been a fan of yours since my purchase of In The Heart. Mimi even gifted me a bit of green and purple wool you shared with her and I covet it-a little too much perhaps.

    i am grateful to mimi for encouraging you to start a blog…you are constant source of inspiration and i love all the peeks into life on The Cape.

    thank you for sharing all your talents with us. xx

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