visit to Horn Book

Last Tuesday, I visited the Horn Book Magazine’s office in Boston. I went to pick up my original artwork, which will be on the cover of their January issue. Designer Lolly Robinson showed it to me on the computer and it looks great! Editor in Chief Roger Sutton and I held up the original for a snap shot before I took it home.

The whole staff had lunch together around the big wooden table and we talked about our common love–children’s books. There were many posters and magazine covers hung up around the space. I was happy to see my college friend Beth Krommes’ cover from her Caldecott winning The House in the Night. (top row, center left) he new book, Swirl by Swirl is amazing!

Lolly took a closeup photo of me sewing a little hand. It’ll appear alongside my Horn Book Award speech, which will be printed in the January issue. I don’t have a picture of the thread wrapping process in such small-scale, so its nice to be able to show it here. 

8 thoughts on “visit to Horn Book

  1. How wonderful to see a dear little hand being made, I have always wondered how you created them. You are always so generous sharing your talents, thank you so much and congratulations.


  2. It is a marvel to see how tiny your work is as you actually do it… I was gazing at the picture, images flashed through my mind of trying to do that and I pictured knotted thread, pricked fingers, and the whole thing unraveling! You have such GREAT small motor skills and it is amazing! Glad there are people like you to make the art you do!!! It is appreciated and enjoyed!

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