Rabbitat – part 6 (rabbit characters)


Originally, I was going to make human characters living in the drift wood house, but I kept imagining long ears sticking up from their heads, so they changed into a rabbit family. Hence the name Rabbitat (see film here). The mother and father dolls are about 4 inches tall and made with a bendable pipe-cleaner armature. The heads are made from wooden beads covered with wool felt. There’s a seam down the front of the face, under the embroidered nose.


As soon as I added front teeth, they lost their bland cuteness and took on personality, or should I say rabbitality?


Maybe I just identified with them more, having been a buck toothed child.


The faces are embroidered, with glass bead eyes.


The ears have fine wire sewn around the outside edge, so they can be bent expressively.


The baby carriage is made from this wire, which is covered with a bark-like natural material I found at a florist supply business. The wheels are acorn caps with holes drilled in the center.


I embroidered a carrot motif on the clothing.



And let’s not forget the biggest character of all — the rabbit topiary.


To see more posts in this series and to view the Rabbitat film click here.

16 thoughts on “Rabbitat – part 6 (rabbit characters)

  1. O Salley they are just fantastic…such characters. I especially love that little pram with acorn wheels…..wonderful work. I really wish I could see it in the flesh.
    Jane x

  2. I am so enjoying the posts! Your work is exquisite and seeing it up close like this, is a real delight! I am trying my hand at a reading quilt for a granddaughter and seeing all your tiny French knots has given me the courage to use them to illustrate a tiny teddybear. It’s more relaxing than I thought it would be. Thank you for sharing your remarkable inspiration. Your patience must be phenomenal!

  3. Excellent! I love the amazing amount of detail you have in these creations. The tiny, tiny little carrots on the dress… wow! I could have marveled at these for hours at the Brattleboro show as well. The little pram is fabulous!

  4. So cute!! (I can barely stand looking at them! You know how I love tiny dolls and figures.) That baby carriage is over-the-top wonderful! The carrot embroidery! Everything about Rabbitat is so fantastic and lovely! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Wow, Salley! I am just in awe of your incredible talent, and in love with the whole rabbit family. I was especially taken with the little carrots embroidered all over the mother rabbit’s dress…what a great touch. I was wondering if you wear magnifying glasses while you work since everything is so small?

  6. I am still somewhat of a buck tooth individual so I think that is why I have always loved rabbits…and yours are so endearing! I marvel at the myriad of French Knots that you used in the flora of your landscape. They look absolutely perfect! I still hope to make it to Brattleboro before the display moves on in February. And I’d love to be at the next book signing, but our continuing renovation project just won’t allow the luxury of a trip north right now. Thanks for sharing more Rabitat photos. Pam

  7. This piece is beyond wonderful. I love how you are showing all the details and I am very glad you made a film of the making of it – just amazing work!

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