Portland, Maine

Last weekend, Rob and I visited our son Ian at his school, the Maine College of Art (MECA) in Portland, Maine. I got up early and walked around the city, taking pictures.

There is nothing like early morning light with its warm, soft glow.

We walked down one of the piers and ate breakfast at the Porthole Restaurant, which has been here since 1929.

We liked Portland and can see why it’s listed as one of the most livable cities in the country.

I love the moss growing on the roof.

11 thoughts on “Portland, Maine

  1. Charming……your pictures inspire trips in others!!!! Would love to see Portland, Maine now. What kind of art interests your son? Great that he is following in your footsteps……

  2. I just wanted to tell you that since discovering your blog I have purchased your nursery rhyme book for (myself) and my youngest daughter and I am totally in admiration and in love. The detail you have put in your work fills me with wonder. Thank you for making us so happy.

  3. Lovely photos. Great light and quiet streets, a nice combination.

    (My brother is an alum of MECA. He loved it. And he’s a successful artist, a nice testament to his education!)

  4. That early morning light is about 7:30 am these days! Glad you had a wonderful trip to Portland. The weather was perfect! We plan to go in November. Hope Ian is happy at school.

  5. I know what you mean about the early morning light. I love seeing that light when I’m on vacation, up and out early, walking around. I always have this great sense of anticipation that I associate with that early morning glow–a day of adventure and surprises ahead. I, too, have a DS in college, whose middle name happens to be Ian, because it is my favorite boy’s name. Would love to hear more about Portland.

  6. Hi Salley,

    I go to school with your son Ian who is an amazing person, and an incredible new friend. I currently have your book Pocket Full Of Posies checked out from our library. The detail and use of nature in your work is so inspiring. I use a lot of nature in my own work. Every time I look at the book I find a new detail that amazes me. I have fallen in love with your work, and your photos of the Cape are beautiful. I am from Marstons Mills, and currently live in Brewster when I’m not at here at school. So looking at your photos was a sweet reminder of home. =]

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