Closeups (castles)

The first image is a detail from an embroidered illustration I made for a class in 1974.  The assignment was to make an album cover for a made-up band. Mine pictured a kind of folk/rock/ renaissance musical group with a landscape and castle in the background. I think this was the first totally stitched scene I made. I found a stitching how-to book at the library and followed the directions. Before this all of my embroidery was embellishment on blue jeans and other clothing.


A couple of decades later, I made this sand castle for the book, You and Me. The beach sand is made from raw silk that I dyed with a spray bottle. And yes, those are real beach stones glued to the fabric.

detail from “You and Me” 1997

Here’s George reading a fantasy story with my favorite castle design on the cover. I got out my old stack of Color Aid paper to make the book. 

detail from George's Chair 1998


This castle is from a royal scene I made for a doll magazine in 2000.  The fleur-de-lis on the castle door is a nail head. The project was in The Cloth Doll, Volume 14, number 2.


The next 2 closeups are from my newest picture book, Pocketful of Posies.


In this one from Old King Cole, I use a combination of clay beads and wool felt to make the stone wall. And the fiddle is made from felt.