2 new displays

I’ve  just set up 2 new displays of original illustrations from Pocketful of Posies. Sixteen pieces are hung on this blue wavy wall at the Cape Cod Children’s Museum in Mashpee.

display at Cape Cod Children's Museum

I’ll be there to meet people and sign books on Thursday, February 24 at 11:00 am.

display at Cape Cod Children's Museum

The Sandwich Library has a nice display case that holds 9 pieces. The artwork is OK under the lights because the frames have UV protected glass. Both displays will be up through March, so if you’re in the area, do stop by! In April, the show will be traveling to Iowa. See the schedule here.

Sandwich Library

Sandwich Library

Sandwich Library

8 thoughts on “2 new displays

  1. Colorful and tiny – just what every kid loves! I hope this is a great success for you, Salley! One of these days it will be ME standing in front of one of them. (I hope, I hope, I hope)

  2. I made about a dozen fairies and a dollhouse family from your Felt Wee Folk book. I am just amazed at the work that went into your Pocketful of Posies book. I did feel a little better when I read it was a three year process but I can barely comprehend the hours it must have taken you. Your work is amazing. I recently purchased the book which inspired me to find your website. I am thrilled beyond words to see that the display is coming to Muscatine, Iowa, just down the road from where I live. I am a school librarian and will be telling my co-workers all about it.

  3. This is looking wonderful…again. Sure wish I lived closer to Cape Cod because I’d love to see your display in person. Thanks for letting me know where it is for now…just in case we wander your way. It sure is a lot closer than Iowa!

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