snow delay

This morning, I was all set to drive the artwork over to the Cape Cod Children’s Museum in Mashpee for the next installment of the Pocketful of Posies Traveling Exhibit. But, we’re having another snow storm, so I’m delaying the delivery until Thursday, when the storm should have passed through. I’ll probably deliver artwork to the Sandwich Library on Thursday as well. They have a nice display case where I’ll set up some originals from the book. If your library has a decent sized locked display case and you are within a 3 hr. drive of Cape Cod, please let me know.

loading the elevator at the Danforth

On Sunday, my husband Rob and I picked up all of the illustrations from the Danforth Museum, where the show has been for the past 3 months. The museum’s director, Katherine French and her staff were wonderful to work with we’re talking about my return to the museum with another show in a few years. Not book illustrations this time, but stand alone fabric relief artwork. Katherine wrote this lovely review of the show:

“The Danforth Museum of Art has been pleased to host an exhibition of original art created for Salley Mavor’s Pocketful of Posies.  Even the most jaded parent, reluctantly pulled into the gallery by an eager child, finds themselves engaged by fiber art at the highest level.  Created with traditional craft materials, the artist creates small sculptures that are completely charming, yet intricate and complex.  The stories she tells are simple, but demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of composition and sculptural form.  They are, quite simply, extraordinary. ”

Thanks, Danforth Museum! Here we are, all packed for the journey home. My Subaru Outback is just big enough to fit all of the frames.

7 thoughts on “snow delay

  1. That is a wonderful review!

    Everything fits nicely into your “roo.”

    As for the weather, I hope we are not all going to have an ice storm. Snow is bad, but I think ice is worse.

  2. I think it is wonderful you are allowing your work to be exhibited. Who knows what sparks it will set off in creative little minds? It sure inspires 50-year-olds! I hope the snow and ice aren’t too bad – where is global warming when you need it!

  3. I love the Danforth’s review and think that “extraordinary” is the perfect description of your work. Indeed, it appeals to all ages and is such a timeless art. Hope you are all “snug as a bug in a rug” and that your precious cargo is safely ready for its next show. Where and when might that be?
    By the way, those of us in NE PA are just dealing with the remnants of the ice and snow from yesterday and hoping for a bit of melting before the next storm on Saturday. Cheers and ciao for now as we all await an “early spring”.

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