lobster pot lawn art

I saw this pyramid of lobster pots, while stopping for a sandwich in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Around the Cape, lobstermen frequently pile up their pots in the yard during the winter months. With the festive arrangement of floats on top and Christmas lights, this one takes the cake!

5 thoughts on “lobster pot lawn art

  1. I love that. It reminds me of an island in Penobscot Bay I visited for many years. The few fisherman that stayed through the winter always came up with interesting decorations. Never saw anything as good at that though! Thanks for sharing!

  2. hello

    your work is absolutely beautiful and i have loved it for some time, we (my children and i) have some of your sweet books too.
    i am planning to do a post about the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill sometime in the near future and wondered if i may be permittted to use one of your pictures with a link to your blog, i would also like to say a few words about your work. if you are not ok with this, don’t worry i will understand.

    warmest wishes


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