alphabet book

I made this alphabet book for a typography class at RISD in about 1976.  The class was held in the basement of the graphic design building, where the old letterpresses were set up. As I recall, the assignment was to make something that used the large collection of metal type that came with the presses. I doubt the presses are still there, making space for all of the new computer graphics equipment. During this time at school, I jumped at any opportunity to bring sewing and fabric into my work.

The old linen book cover is looking yellowed and stained.

The 4 inch square pages are made from cloth-covered card board.

I rolled ink or paint on the metal type and stamped each letter of the alphabet, making patterns on fabric.

13 thoughts on “alphabet book

  1. I love the way you combined multiple stamps of the same letter to make the designs. Before I looked closely, I thought the designs were woven in. Some look like brocade or at least the edges do. The E page reminds me of a Navajo (or other native American, not sure which tribe) blanket. Your design skills are just awesome, Salley!

  2. Somewhere I have An Alliterated Alphabet book that I produced
    in my Typography class, metal type, old letterpress etc. Most useful class I ever had. Taught the basics of making a book. Now,thanks to your post. I’m going to look for my little book.
    I’d almost forgotten.

  3. Needlework and fabric were already in your mind set at RISD.

    When I took a typ0graphy classes in college, nobody used fabric! Your book is clever and beautiful!! The binding great, too. Ahead of its time in terms of design.

  4. I love this, Salley! This takes me back to the days of my typography classes where we had to make art pieces of a letter we picked from a specific font. Mine was not near as beautiful and unique as yours!!! The craftsmanship you put into that book cover was gorgeous. It looked like pulled work on the cover too. Some of the pages made designs that remind me of “designer” handbag patterns.

  5. I am in the final stages of a 30 page felt & embroidered book for my grandbaby…a little unsure how to secure the binding…i’m wondering , if useing a very long doll’s making needle, if it would serve, to stitch up the left side… does anyone have suggestions? thank you.

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