visit to Studio Goodwin Sturges

I recently visited Studio Goodwin Sturges in their new location in Providence, RI. Judy Sue Goodwin-Sturges and I have known each other since I took her illustration classes at RISD in the mid 70’s. We’ve worked together on books since she started her studio in the 90’s. In addition to teaching, she represents a wonderful group of artists, some of whom are former students, and matches them up with publishers. Here she is in her studio office.

The studio moved from Boston to this window lit space in the back of her house. It’s located a few streets from where my mother grew up in Providence.

I saw a felt banner I made years ago displayed with some of the studio’s books. I didn’t know that they were involved with Puff the Magic Dragon and Judy Collins’ Over the Rainbow books. There’s a nice note from Peter Yarrow.

The Studio is a wonderful, supportive agency that has developed hundreds of children’s books.

One box filled room was full of books that Judy Sue moved from Boston. We combed through dozens of boxes until we found my books. She’s trying to down size, so she gave me most of what she had.

One of my early dolls was propped up on the center table at the studio. Her shoes and vest are made of leather.

It’s the same doll that I’m making in the photo below, which was taken by my roommate at RISD in 1976.

salley at RISD 1976

I also saw the framed pin display I made for Judy Sue sometime in the 80’s. This way she could see her collection. The custom-made cow may show my first use of  bead udders.   

pin display, 1980’s

Visiting the new studio, with so many visible memories, makes me appreciate how much support I’ve received from Judy Sue to do what I love to do!  I’ve written about how she encouraged me during my student years at RISD in earlier posts here.   I love this picture of her with some of her former students, including Ashley Wolff and Holly Berry. Thanks Judy-Sue!

Judy-Sue (back), Salley, Ashley Wolff and Holly Berry, 1980's

11 thoughts on “visit to Studio Goodwin Sturges

  1. I just needed to hear such a precious story today! Friends that encourage us are indeed most precious and we need to cherish them.

  2. I’m just leaving my friend’s house in California to go attack our storage unit filled with my packed doll collection and the rest of my children’s book collection and this posting was a pleasure to read as I attempt to organize MY stuff like your friend is doing. What a charming woman you describe. Indeed you HAVE been lucky to have her in your life and vice versa. Thanks for the interesting post today. It fit the day.

  3. What a nice little treat! I wish I had known Judy Sue–I was way into the film/video dept knee deep in animation studies.
    The illustration dept. scared the heck outta me! Some teachers in particular!

    I’m working on a new book! After 7 long years! Due out in 2012! When I have time, I must come back and read up on all your goings-ons.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Theresa. You won’t the only student scared of some teachers! Glad to hear that you’re working on a new book. I’m going to return for more info on your hapiness project. Cheers,Salley

  4. I met Judy Sue years ago at Tomie DePaola’s.
    I believe she was also teaching at RSDI then.
    We talked some “shop” as I was also doing books
    and had started and was teaching the Children’s Book Illustration class at (as it was then)
    The Philadelphia College of Art, now the University of the Arts
    Nice to know more about her and you.
    Small world.

  5. Judy Sue was my first roommate out of college in 1970 (when we lived in a 54 stairs 4th floor walk up!) in Boston on Commonwealth avenue and we have been friends ever since!

    I’ve been to the Boston studio and am so excited to see her new space in Providence. (and yes I’ll visit too)

    You are so lucky to have her represent you and anytime she wants to send any of those extra books my way she knows where I live here in Albany NY!!!

  6. Oh thank you so much for this post! I had Judy Sue in the mid-’80’s. She was so wonderfully supportive. I remember she had a shoe box full of the most beautiful cards that she kept for inspiration. I’ve been keeping my own boxes of inspiration since then, thanks to her. What fun to see her studio and some of the beautiful books that she’s helped bring into the world!

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