magic snow dust

Last Saturday night, a fine dusting of snow fell from the sky. It looked magical outside when the sun rose in the morning.  The houses, trees and bushes appeared as if they were covered with artificial snow, like in a model train winter scene.

These houses surround the village green in Falmouth. Many of them are B&B’s, right in a row, in one of the town’s  historical districts.

This one looks like it’s sprinkled with powdered sugar.

6 thoughts on “magic snow dust

  1. Beautiful!Those houses are picture postcard perfect and the additional snow just is the icing on the cake! Thankfully our recent heavy snow here in the UK has finally gone from the south and life has returned to some degree of normality. Keep warm, Jane

  2. I loved seeing Falmouth in the winter…only have been there during the summer months. The village green is indeed a charming place, at any time of year! Isn’t that nearby where Katherine Bates grew up? I think I recall her being honored by a plaque, very near the town center. Thank you again…I am enjoying our own fresh layer of snow right here in PA, until I have to shovel it!

  3. Beautiful photos!

    We have two feet of snow here in CT near New Haven. Beautiful– but problematic where I live. The snow that has been plowed is taller than I!

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