Pocketful of Borders: Bow, wow, wow

Last summer, in the rush to finish making borders for the Pocketful of Posies Traveling Exhibit, I forgot to take pictures while I was working on the border for this illustration. It’s for the rhymes, Diddlety, diddlety, dumpty, the cat ran up the plum tree… and Bow, wow, wow! Whose dog art thou? Original artwork from my book  Pocketful of Posies will be on display until Oct 31st at Highfield Hall in Falmouth, Mass. and then the show will open on Nov. 13th at the Danforth Museum in Framingham, Mass. See future locations here.

illustration from “Pocketful of Posies” 2010

Here are some early layouts of the page, showing the progression of the design. Originally, there were three children, with the Diddlety rhyme positioned in upper left corner. I incorporated an island to make the tree and characters grounded, instead of floating around in  red space.  The mound was also big enough  to hold the Bow, wow, wow rhyme.    

Time went by, maybe a year or more before I started working on this page. I looked at the design with new eyes and was unhappy with the type placement.   So, I redid the layout, enlarged the tree and repositioned the Diddlety rhyme on top.                                       


The tree was inspired by some wrought iron gates I saw, with graceful interwoven branches. I added bead leaves and glass pear-shaped beads. Here are some details of the finished border.

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10 thoughts on “Pocketful of Borders: Bow, wow, wow

  1. I simply love your work and love the book “Felt Wee Folk”. I am working on the Autumn People right now.
    I have a question…..do you use the whole wooden bead when you make a scene like these? I love them!

    Thanks for the inspiration you are to me!

  2. Salley, I’ve only recently found your blog- I have had your Felt Wee Folk book for a couple of years, and LOVED making them with our children (our Nativity Crib is added to every year with folk from your book!!) I just love every illustration… Looking forward to getting your new book (is there anywhere I can get signed copies?) Love and blessings from Ireland!

    • Hi Emily, thanks for sending a greeting from Ireland. Autographed copies of Pocketful of Posies are available from my local bookstore, Eight Cousins. Just call them @ 508-548-5548.

  3. Salley,
    Thank you so much for so beautifully autographing Pocketful of Posies for me, the gift from my dearest friend, Lyn Lidsky. I was completely enchanted with your artwork and could barely make myself turn each page, I was so intent on taking in all the amazing details that you brought together to create perfection on each page. I will delight in sharing this book with my grandgirls Maggie and Brooke. Maggie will be two in December and Brooke will turn two just four months later. And both of them already love books.
    Ann Dorer

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