Bike Path: Porcelain-berry

All along the bike path is porcelain-berry, one of the most beautiful invasive vines in our area. The plant’s berries come in shades of blue not normally found in plant life. They look like hard candy or gum balls that turn tongues blue.

The Plant Conservation Alliance (PCA) Alien Plant Working Group has labeled it LEAST WANTED.


Originally from Northeast Asia, porcelain-berry was cultivated in the US around the 1870s as a bedding and landscape plant.

The PCA says, “The same characteristics that make porcelain-berry a desirable plant for the garden — its colorful berries, pest resistance, and tolerance of adverse conditions — are responsible for its presence in the United States as an undesirable invader.”

I was inspired to make this pair of fairies to match the berry colors.

11 thoughts on “Bike Path: Porcelain-berry

  1. Those are the most wonderful photos I have ever seen of porcelain-berry. The colors are just amazing and your close-up shots are beautiful. The fairies are adorable.

  2. I stumbled across some porcelain berries in our yard last year and I was enraptured by their gorgeousness!! The colors are just beautiful. I had never heard of them, so I had to rush inside to search online! I took a few pictures, but I couldn’t quite capture their beauty and their variation in tone like you have. The fairies are just the perfect complement! I LOVE your work!

  3. I was amazed to hear you say that porcelain berry is invasive. Here in northwestern Washington, I am babying my porcelain berry vine every year just to see a handful of berries! I love your books and I plan to buy one for my granddaughters for Christmas along with all the little do-dads they will need to make little people and fairies

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