Eight Cousins bookstore & more wee folk centerpiece

Carol Chittenden from Eight Cousins bookstore asked me to come in and sign another box of books. She sold out of the copies of Pocketful of Posies I signed last week, so I was more than happy to sign some more. To order autographed copies call Eight Cousins at (508) 548-5548. Judy Richardson and I went by this morning after our dance aerobics class at the Rec center. 19 years ago, Judy and I celebrated the publication of  our book, The Way Home. Read about the making of our book on earlier posts starting here. We gathered in the back room at Eight Cousins.  

Carol Chittenden, Judy Richardson and Salley

 I signed a book for Judy’s relatives, a family with a boy and twin girls.


Out front, my book was in good company, next to a card board display of David Wiesner’s new book, Art and Max. David and I were both illustration majors at RISD, class of ’78. He was quiet and serious, but had a bold, determined side. I remember a mural he painted on the wall in the house he shared with some friends of mine. It was a huge copy of one of Henri Rouseau’s fantasy jungle scenes. I saw David at a RISD reunion a few years ago and was happy to see that he was still as kind and friendly as he’s used to be.  

In the recent post about my book release party at Highfield Hall (see here), I said that I hadn’t taken any pictures of the wee folk centerpiece. Well, Carol from Eight Cousins was thinking clearly enough to take some, so here are her photos of the me setting up refreshments in the dining room. 


7 thoughts on “Eight Cousins bookstore & more wee folk centerpiece

  1. As soon as you mentioned David Wiesner, I glanced over at our many children’s books on our office shelves and immediately spotted my copies of “Tuesday” and “June 29, 1999″…both illustrated by your “illustrious” classmate. I have always loved David’s work and used his books often, while teaching science and math concepts to my second graders. He sure helped to make teaching even more fun…and encouraged my budding writers to appreciate being creative and inventive, even when writing about mundane topics. It’s a fantasy of mine to be able to write, illustrate and/or sew as well as you and David…and to have you together, attending RISD at the same time, was indeed a gold mine of talent and creativity. Bless you both for sharing those gifts with the world! So glad to hear that David is also a gem of a person, just as I know you are!! I still would love to travel back to Falmouth…we’ll see!

  2. How charming! Amen to Helen’s comment about how few independent bookstores left and what a loss! We had a wonderful called “Imagaine That” in Riverside, California that I loved and supported for my teaching years and it was forced out of business by the shopping center’s constant raising of the lease price (i.e. greed of the shopping center owner) as well as the loss of business to the internet sales of books (which I now use a lot). It had so much charm…the owner was a quilter and artistic in the way she set up the shop. It felt good to just be there. David Wiesner’s book “Tuesday” is in my collection and he is quite talented and imaginative. Glad to know he is a friend of yours. It is interesting to the reader to know something about the authors. Wish your show would come to a place near me!

  3. Guess I should proofread what I write…..sorry about the missing words. Hope you can fill in the missing words (like “children’s bookstore”)

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