Doll Collection: small wooden folk dolls

This set of standing wooden folk dolls are a mystery to me. I found them in a box of other miscellaneous stuff, while cleaning out my parents’ house. They are small, about 2″ tall and would make fun cake decorations. Helen, a fellow blogger (here) who knows a lot about souvenir dolls, thinks they may be Hungarian or Polish because of the red boots and dark hair.

Since Helen pointed out the red boots, I’ve been flooded with memories of seeing Hungarian dance performances as a child. Besides wearing eye-catching red boots, the dancers’ costumes had full puffy petticoats under their skirts. I also remember seeing the women’s long braids flying out as they twirled. My parents were avid international folk dancers and would bring us to watch and participate in folk dance events. I don’t remember seeing these dolls as a child, but their red boots triggered a memory.

9 thoughts on “Doll Collection: small wooden folk dolls

  1. These are absolutely adorable! What a find among your parents’ belongings! They remind me of my Hungarian dolls I used when teaching school and treasure still. They certainly would add charm to birthdays, cakes, etc. There are books about traditional dolls…. (to Jan J) if you google that….they are mostly for collectors. It would be wonderful if someone did a book about traditionally-dressed dolls for children. Uh…..Sally? How about writing a book about dolls from various countries as an imaginary story where the dolls come alive when found packed away in an attic….You could illustrate it with your little dolls and do them in costumes from various countries. A future project? I can see the little dolls and the adorable settings they could be packed in (little boxes that are painted inside with a scene from each doll’s home country (traditional home interiors with the exterior on the box covers). Can picture them…..and who to do them but you?

      • I have several doll stories but hadn’t heard about “Miss Happiness and Miss Flower”. Thank you for that tip and I will look for it. I still think you could do a new one that would be different and your illustrations would be such an addition….since you could do such a fabulous rendition of costumes and houses from other cultures. Just a thought!!!

  2. Oh, what fun to see your dolls…sweet in their simplicity and ethnicity! I can relate to your parents, as I have done quite a bit of dancing with the Norwegians, Swedes and Finns. Loved those times!!!! I’m crazy about Cate’s idea for another book by you!

  3. What a neat thing to find tucked away. Amazing that you never found them till now. I have a thing for old nesting dolls. They have to be really old though. There’s something so cool about the old chipped paint and simple details. These are like that- beautiful in their simplicity. What a find!

  4. Oh how much I adore these sweet little dancers. I’ve a soft spot for wooden dollies…seeing your collection has been quite a teat! Thanks so much for sharing, natalie jo

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