“Posies” artwork ready to hang!

Today, we finished framing the Pocketful of Posies artwork and will be ready to hang the show tomorrow! Talk about working ’til the last-minute. I don’t usually do things this way and have everything completed way ahead. The whole family helped out over the weekend, while I sewed the last border together. My studio was a beehive of activity; my husband Rob put the last of the artwork into frames and sons Peter and Ian drilled holes and screwed in the eyes on the back. It will take several car loads to transport all 51 pictures over to Highfield Hall tomorrow morning. It’s a good thing we live close by. Wow, does it feel good to have this project done! You can read about Pocketful of Posies: A Traveling Exhibit and see the schedule here.

14 thoughts on ““Posies” artwork ready to hang!

  1. Congratulations, Salley, on getting it all done in time! What an amazing show this will be; wish I could be there to see it in person, but living it through your blog is the next best thing.


  2. Salley,

    You always lift my spirits and warm my heart!! I wish you well with your wonderful exhibit and wish I could be there to see it.

    Keep on creating and sharing all the magical talents that you have.

    Perhaps one day you will visit southern California?



  3. As we have followed you over these past busy weeks and months it seems sad to know that the majority of us may never get to actually “see” this wonderful exhibit. But when the lights go on and the doors open to the public – you know that you will have the thoughts, prayers and wishes of a lot of your on-line friends. We will be there in spirit. And hopes are high that it is so WILDLY successful that the list of cities where it will travel will grow and maybe – just maybe we too can walk up to the glass on those frames and Oooo and Aahhhhin person! All the best, Salley! Hugs!

  4. Oh, they look so pretty in their beautiful cherry boxes! I have to say thanks again for sharing the process as we won’t be near a show to see in person, but oh how I would love to!

  5. Salley, thanks for sharing this long term project with us through your blog. After reading the rest of the comments I almost feel a little guilty but very lucky to live close enough to visit the show. I can’t wait to see it after watching it develop over the past year.
    Congratulations! Now have a glass a wine and kick up your feet!

  6. Oh Congratulations on getting everything done and framed! And three cheers to all your helpers too. I have enjoyed watching the progress and I am impressed at your industry, especially after that broken wrist. Well done, beautiful, hurrah!

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