Giveaway winner & Highfield Hall Show

It’s been a busy day. First, the book giveaway winner is Ann Irvin! I’ll be contacting Ann via e-mail and will send her an autographed copy of Pocketful of Posies. It is also the first day of the Pocketful of Posies Traveling Exhibit  at Highfield Hall

This is the back room at Eight Cousins Children’s Books, where I signed a stack of books today. They will take orders for inscribed books at 508-548-5548.

Here is Historic Highfield Hall in Falmouth, Massachusetts, where the exhibit is showing through Oct 31st. The opening reception and book release party will be on Sunday, Sept. 26th from 4 to 6pm. Eight Cousins will be selling books and I’ll be on hand to meet you and autograph copies. To add to the festivities, Eight Cousins will be giving away posters to the first 50 customers. All are welcome.

I’m really pleased with how the show looks at Highfield and the people have been just great to work with. It’s such a warm, homey setting for the artwork.

10 thoughts on “Giveaway winner & Highfield Hall Show

  1. Hello, Sally,

    I am delighted with your work! It really is fantastic!
    A few months ago I found his book “Felt Wee Folk” at the and cover it enchanted me. I was very curious to know the contents, then one day I met him in a bookstore, so it was love at first sight, but unfortunately I could not buy at that time.
    Time passed and two weeks ago I received the book as a birthday present! I was very happy! And now I’m here to share with you my joy!
    I live in Brazil and I am a quilt designer and illustrator and teaches quilts. I love working with fabric, lines, colors … I imagine how it must be delightful to work in his studio! You need an assistant ???(hehehe!!) I’m available! Because I think that sew and embroider all these wonders must be tricky!
    Jokes aside, let me just say that I’m more a fan of yours! And sorry for the English, but I’m using an online translator … Sorry … I hope you understand.

    Bia (Beatriz Cardeal)

  2. Congratulations, Salley! Your show looks like it all came together marvelously, and in what an intimate space! Nice teamwork. I hope you are able to put your feet up, at least for a bit, and enjoy your tremendous accomplishment. 🙂

  3. I love seeing your hard work being displayed in this perfect setting! Is this the same Highfield Hall that is near the CLOC theater? I would love to travel to the Cape to see the display and am not ruling it out as a possibility! One never knows…and it’s always good to leave one’s options open. I recently received my autographed copy of “Pocketful of Posies”, wishing indeed, that it would fit into my pocket so I could take it everywhere. It truly is a treasure. Thanks again and happy enjoyment of the “fruits of your labor”!

  4. I have been following along during your labour of love and would like to congratulate you on your absolutely amazing detailed work. It’s truly magnificent. I live on Vancouver Island in Canada and I’ve ordered your new book that should receive it soon. I also ordered your Felt Wee Folk which arrived last week. Congratulations, too, to your husband for his remarkable frames ~ you both must be very relieved to have all the work completed! Hopefully now you can take a breather and just enjoy!

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