Wee Folk: Blue Blossom Fairy

Blue Blossom Fairy has been cooped up inside for a few years, so I took her for an outing. We first went to visit an old beech tree.

And then flew over to my patch of zinnias, which were perfect little cushion covered stools.

She’s average height for a fairy, about 3″ tall.

8 thoughts on “Wee Folk: Blue Blossom Fairy

  1. She looks perfectly delighted to out and about on such a lovely day. I wish there were zinias large enough for me to sit on. They look oh so comfy 🙂

  2. Great pics. I especially like the first zinnia photo and the line that she’s average height for a fairy. I bought your book when it first came out. I love to look through it at the photos of all the fairies.

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