Wee Folk: Pearl & Urchin

I took Pearl and Urchin out for a climb up a beech tree. They patiently waited and stayed still as I took their picture. We were all quiet as I played with my camera, adjusting the aperture and speed settings.

I suppose you could call Pearl and Urchin “retired”, a term used in the collecting business for sold out. They were the models for a Ltd. Edition and there are 25 other pairs out in the world. After a few years spent sealed in a plastic bag, I thought they could use some fresh air.

6 thoughts on “Wee Folk: Pearl & Urchin

  1. Yes…it was time for fresh air! How adorable they are in the beech tree. They may be retired but they have not “aged” a day. Perhaps they will appear in more photos soon.

  2. Me encanta esta forma de hacer libros infantiles lastima que yo este tan lego para poder a prender esta forma de hacer y me gustaría poder comprar uno para poder admirarlo de cerca un saludo y te tengo en favorito para poder visitarte muy a menudo

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