Pocketful of borders (title page)

Last week, I made a border for the title page from “Pocketful of Posies”. As I mentioned before, all 50 original illustrations need to be mounted and framed for the traveling exhibit this fall. Because the title page artwork was designed to bleed to the page’s edge and is without any kind of border, it requires a similar but different treatment than “Mary Had a Little Lamb” .

First, I picked  upholstery fabric from my stash to stretch for the background. Then I tried out different felt colors and chose ones that I thought complimented the artwork. This process can be tricky because I have to try many color combinations before I’m happy with the dynamics. For this one, I chose a contrasting pale violet for the corners to give the border a strong visual impact, without overpowering the artwork.

Each border section was blanket stitched with 3-ply pima cotton (Watercolours by Caron).

I then chain stitched the year and my initials on the bottom left and right corners. The corners needed something to set them apart, so I doodled a chain stitch with 2-ply variegated yellow/green embroidery floss.

Now, the sides, top and bottom pieces looked plain, so I decorated them with some chain stitched loops of flower thread. There wasn’t enough contrast, so I outlined the loops with stem stitches, using 1 ply variegated pink/purple embroidery floss.

I sewed the corners to the side pieces, measuring to make sure they were even lengths. Then, using a corner ruler, I squared up the border and pinned it on top of the artwork.

I then sewed the border in place and sewed it to the upholstery fabric background.

This title page shows a landscape filled with different characters and buildings from the rhymes in the book. The title and other information will be printed in the open areas in the sky.

Note: See other posts in the Pocketful of Borders series here.

15 thoughts on “Pocketful of borders (title page)

  1. I was introduced to you by a mutual friend,( then called) Billy Roslansky, circa 1976/6. Your work amazed me then and I am so happy to be able to follow your blog now. By any chance was that little girl in the blue dress a little Roslansky?
    Anywhooo, I’m sure you don’t remember me but love your work!!!!

    • Brett,
      Yes, of course I know Billy and see him and the houses he designs around Woods Hole quite often. His sister Louise and I were girlhood friends at the Woods Hole School. And the girl in the blue dress isn’t a Roslansky, but a close friend. Thanks for getting in touch!

    • Oh Emily, I listen to music (WUMB) and talk programs on National Public Radio, which helps keep me infomed about obscure subjects. We even have our own public radio station (WCAI) in the village of Woods Hole. We’ve lived without TV for many years and I don’t think I could work and watch TV at the same time, anyway.

  2. What beautiful colors you chose! The pale violet is so pretty and make the little characters stand out more. So very, very pretty and well done!

  3. I am amazed at the volume of stitching in each piece of work. I am sure you must be quite near a worlds record ! Even the use of the variegated thread gives the work a lovely rhythm !

  4. OH, FANTASTIC!!!!! I love learning about your entire process. Your colors are so soft and beautiful and the stitches are divine! I hope your hand is feeling better.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! You may be able to see the originals from the book in the traveling exhibit. New venues will be added to fill the 2 year exhibit time. Check the “Pocketful of Posies” page.

  5. I’m an expressive therapist in Amesbury, MA. Your work is stunning and whimsical. a complete joy to come upon as I searched for rudimentary stitches to embroider onto a blanket for my 30year old step-daughter.

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