Rumage in high places, a long fall down

I found what I was looking for, some fabric and some old paper dolls from my childhood. I don’t remember what happened, but…  

from “Jack and Jill”, “Pocketful of Posies” 2010

I must have fallen while getting back on the ladder to go down from my loft storage area.  

Paper Dolls from 1950's

So, after an ambulance trip to our local hospital emergency room, where I remember seeing two nurses who worked on the Woods Hole Quilt, I went by ambulance to another hospital in Boston. Well, I’ve broken my left arm, which is better than my right arm, which is the one I use more. For now, I am back home with a cast, waiting to meet a hand specialist in Boston.  


So, I’ll be running at low-speed for a while. I know that most of you who follow my blog will say “take a break and don’t worry about it “, but luckily I have some posts all lined up, so they’ll be  coming on a regular basis for a month or so. I’ve got a 3 part story about my pins that I used to make about 30 years ago and some more posts from my Close-ups series as well as some surprises.  And, of course, I’ll be writing a story about the paper dolls. When posted, you’ll know that I’m more on the mend!  

23 thoughts on “Rumage in high places, a long fall down

  1. Ouch! Oh, dear. I’m so sorry to hear you got hurt. I hope the hand specialist says everything is healing well.

    Yes, don’t worry. Take the opportunity to read and rest and watch the birds in the trees and rejuvenate from your perch on the sofa. In the meantime, I look forward to your paper dolls. I love paper dolls. love, Beth

  2. Oh NO! I hope this mends soon and well. If you ever want some company or lunch or something when you have one of your DR. visits in Boston, let me know and I will meet you in town. What a lousy way to start the new year. 😦

  3. Thank you to all of you, my new blogging friends! I am doing better, but still cannot see well, due to a mild concussion, which will fade away. Normally this would be challenging to pull off, but I am going to watch a British romantic chick flick tonight!

  4. Oh, Salley! May your body heal well and true. I hope you have a lap warmer or two to keep you company and even entertained. You know, the 4 legged, fur covered kind? I hope your new perspective from the couch is a blessed one.
    Hang in there!

  5. So sorry to hear about your tumble and do hope and pray for good news when you see the hand specialist soon. Sometimes we are made to slow down for a bit, although I know that may be difficult. Take your time to recover and recall all of the amazing accomplishments you have already made…as you plan for your next ones! Blessings and good cheer to you!

    • Thank you for your encouraging words! It’s comforting to hear from my blog friends. I am much better, although still waiting for surgery on my wrist next wednesday. I feel like I am in excellent hands.

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