Inspiration (wrapping paper)

I have a habit of buying wrapping paper that I like and keeping it for inspiration. I just can’t bring myself to cut it up. Some of this selection were actually saved by my mother, like the animals, the girl and the blue & white Amsterdam, which looks to be from the 1950’s. She used to hang up wrapping paper on the walls, a tradition I’ve continued. 

La Seine-Cimera, printed in Spain

A Gordon Fraser Wrapper, printed in England

International Handprints, presented by Eleanor Finch, Clinton, Conn.

A Gordon Fraser Wrapper, printed in England

L. Levison, junr. Ltd., made in Denmark

4 thoughts on “Inspiration (wrapping paper)

  1. These are so lovely! I’m not sure about copyrights, especially on old wrapping paper, but these look like great candidates for uploading to one of those custom fabric print sites to become fabric for throw pillows, childrens’ quilts or handbags.

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