Mimi’s pin cushions

Mimi Kirchner’s Tiny World pin cushion

Mimi Kirchner inspired me start a blog because she makes it look so creative and fun. We first met in the 80’s at the Christmas Store, a seasonal cooperative  in Cambridge, Mass., which is now named Sign of the Dove. At the time she was making wonderful hand painted ceramics. A few years ago, Mimi asked me to be a part of an exhibit she was putting together in Arlington, Mass. called “Still Playing with Dolls”. We’ve been in frequent contact ever since and I’ve been following her blog, Doll, regularly. She is constantly coming up with delightful new designs, never the same thing over and over again. One thing we have in common is the almost obsessive compulsion to make things. Am I right, Mimi?

Snowy Hill by Mimi Kirchner

Rapunzel by Mimi Kirchner

Mushroom House by Mimi Kirchner

In a recent conversation, Mimi mentioned that she remembers seeing some pin cushions that I had made to sell in the coop store decades ago. Here are some pictures of a house and lion I made in 1980, along with some pages from my sketchbook of that time. Now, with her Tiny World pin cushions in tea cups, she has taken the concept and made it her own, producing new beautiful designs at an incredible rate. I agree with Mimi, who says, ” I am a believer that there is nothing new in the world and we are all inspired by each other.”

Mimi has taught Tiny World pin cushion classes in her studio in Arlington, Mass. and now has a pattern for sale in her Etsy shop.

House Pin Cushion by Salley, 1980

pin cushion ideas from Salley’s sketchbook 1980

from Salley’s sketchbook 1980

11 thoughts on “Mimi’s pin cushions

  1. Totally fun! I had not been to Mimi Kirchner’s blog. Inspiring! And I completely agree with her… everything we do is in some way inspired by others. It’s our interpretations that make our creations uniquely our own. Thanks for the intro to Mimi Kirchner.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog, and am relieved that you are still hearing your muse! Keep at it — your voice is important!

  3. Karen sent me over, what sweet thiings you have made….I always wonder what my children will remember of my always making things.
    Will they tell their children “grandma was a bit crazy always making stuff”!?

    It certainly makes life more pleasant :0)
    Happy Sewing

  4. Ahh! I’ve been following you both for years, and do a modified Tiny World in a Teacup lesson with my 3rd & 4th grade art students (we build pinch pot teacups, needle felt the hills, and sew felt 3D shapes for the houses). Of COURSE you know each other!!! Stumbled across this old post while searching for images to show and inspire this year’s students. So great!

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