Block Island Retreat

A few weeks ago, some friends, my husband and I visited Block Island  for the first time.

 The ferry we took from Point Judith, Rhode Island was practically empty this time of year. We were struck by the pastoral beauty and quiet calmness of the island, especially now, in the off-season. In the busy summer season, the island population grows from 1,000 to 15,000. We are thinking of going again next summer, but will travel in our own boat from Woods Hole across Buzzard’s Bay. This selection of photos were taken by our friend, Keith von der Heydt.

1 thought on “Block Island Retreat

  1. Hello Salley and thanks for letting me know about your new blog! I’ve added you to my reading list and I’m excited for you to joining in the textile blogging community. I cannot WAIT to see what you’re up to…

    I’ve enjoyed everything so far…esp your studio tour. Looking forward to being BNFs…blogging needle friends.


    P.S. I used to work off my kitchen too when my son wanted me around…now I go to my sewing room and he will still come up there on occasion and hang out…he’s 13.

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