Social Fabric exhibition in Greenville SC

I’m excited to announce that my exhibition, Social Fabric is on display at the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville, South Carolina! It’ll be there for a good long while, through Sept. 5, 2021. Seeing the detail and 3-dimensional quality of my work up close is a very different experience than looking at printed or digital images. It feels like you’re peeking into the miniature stitched worlds from a side window, not just through the front entrance. So, I encourage those of you who live within a reasonable distance of Greenville, SC to visit the museum this summer. You won’t be able to miss the humongous banner hanging outside the building!

6 years ago, the Upcountry History Museum hosted my Pocketful of Posies exhibition and I’m pleased to have another opportunity to show my work there! In the near future, they will also be hosting the Bedtimes Stitches touring exhibition. We’re still working out the dates, but it looks like the show will be scheduled in late 2023 or early 2024.

SALLEY MAVOR: Social Fabric
April 3 – Sept. 5, 2021
Upcountry History Museum, Greenville, SC

The museum’s exhibition designer kindly sent photos of the display. I love how the cherry wood frames and the vinyl cutouts of birds look on the slate gray walls!

Birds of Beebe Woods

This exhibition includes a variety of pieces I’ve made over the past 20 years that interpret the theme of social connectivity. The works explore cultural diversity, migration, fashion, the natural world, and a range of social narratives, from the everyday to topical subjects.

The large pieces (24″ x 30″) average about 4 months to make, so it’s taken years to accumulate enough pieces to show together like this. That’s why I’ve decided not to sell my recent work, including Birds of Beebe Woods and Displaced.

Displaced, 24″ H x 22″ W, 2016

Large pieces that feature portraits of people who are connected to each other in various ways include Whiskers, Face Time and Cover Up. There’s also Walking the Dog, Rabbitat and several original illustrations from the picture books, You and Me : Poems of Friendship (1997) and In the Heart (2001).

Dana Thorpe, the director of the Upcountry History Museum wrote this about Social Fabric, “Your work is breathtaking, emotional, and energizing. I have the pleasure of walking through the Mezzanine Gallery, where the exhibition is on display, every day and am inspired.”

The Social Fabric exhibition also includes Self Portrait: A Personal History of Fashion, which you can see in this film. I hope that you enjoy the nostalgic soundtrack!

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15 thoughts on “Social Fabric exhibition in Greenville SC

  1. Salley, Congratulations on this beautiful exhibit. I wish it were at the MFA. I think it is extraordinary work. All the best, Susanne

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  2. It is great to see that you are exhibiting outside of the Northeast. Your work is so special and I love that more people will be able to see it. Congratulations!

  3. It is great to see that you are exhibiting in other places. Your work is so exquisite and I’m delighted that you are having exhibitions further from home. The photos reminded me of your show at the Cahoon Museum. Congratulations!

  4. Wow Sally, congratulations on a wonderful show. Displaced is remains an amazing piece and I have never seen the family of birds (I did not see the name of that piece) splendid.

  5. I love that there are pieces shown here I have never seen before- Cover Up especially. I wish I could see the whole piece up close. Maybe this will be in an exhibit closer to me in the future. Great presentation/arrangement for the exhibit.

  6. Me alegra que su obra circule por otros sitios, admiro profundamente su trabajo no sólo por lo artístico sino también por otorgar voz en un marco de belleza a muchas realidades que suelen pasar desapercividas tanto sociales como familiares. Le escribo desde Argentina y aunque estoy muy lejos siempre me deleito en su blog. Gracias por inspirar y muchas felicitaciones!!!!!

  7. I am going this weekend. When my daughter was young, we had some of your books as board books, and now that she’s a teen, we will be heading to the beach, and we plan to stop on the way and see this exhibit. We even made lots of your dolls with one of your kits way back in the day! Thanks for all of your work.

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