Making My Bed video

My husband Rob and I are pleased to announce the release of our new 8 minute documentary about making the artwork for my picture book, MY BED. It’s an inside view into my process and motivations, showing in words, video, and photos how I approached the project from start to finish. I hope that you enjoy the film! Please feel free to share it with your family and friends.

8 minute documentary about how Salley Mavor made the artwork for her picture book, MY BED.

We had planned to produce the film earlier, to coincide with the publication of the book in September. But, there were so many other pressing things to do, such as prepare for the Bedtime Stitches touring exhibition, which included building frames for the artwork. Now that the exhibition has started traveling for the next few years, we could concentrate on the film.

Thank goodness for the quiet of winter! I don’t know how I would survive without the pace of the external world slowing down for a few months every year. Over the past several weeks, we focused our attention on writing and recording the script and sorting through a gazillion photos and videos. Our good friend Bonnie Simon, who produces Maestro Classics: Stories in Music kindly agreed to help edit the script and be the narrator.

We had about 3 years of material to review. I’ve documented the process in photos from the beginning and Rob took videos during the last year or so. I constantly pestered him to stop what he was doing and come take a video of me working on different stages of the process. He had to set up lights and other equipment, so it was no simple task. Even though it was a nuisance, he filmed some good shots that added a lot to the movie. The following photos appear in the movie at different parts of the storytelling.

To make the animated title sequence, we set up a camera facing down at a table top. We were a stop-motion animation team – I moved the pieces of thread little by little, while Rob snapped the camera.

We also filmed an arrangement of found objects from my collection. It was a simple slide, not stop-motion animation this time. That would be whole other movie!

Rob did a marvelous job editing the movie on his computer. He started with the speaking parts to set the timing and then added photos and videos that corresponded with the narration. After he had completed a draft of visuals and sound, we sent it to Matthias Bossi at Stellwagen Symphonette for the musical underscore. They wrote the music and sound effects for our film Liberty and Justice and we were thrilled to work with them again.

Rob and I are excited to share the fruits of our labor with you! The Making My Bed video can be watched and shared on YouTube here.
Autographed copies of the book, MY BED are available in my shop here.

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11 thoughts on “Making My Bed video

  1. Beautiful film and explanation. I wrote to you many years ago and asked if I could come and learn with you and you said no. That was a good decision on your part. I would have pushed myself beyond my physical self due to the two chronic illnesses. I’ve bought both of your books and read everything you post. That has helped me so much. I’ve developed my Iroquois dolls based on your books and the how to teachings. I’m writing to say thank you so much. I have the picture in my head the illustrations for a book I wrote. I’m hoping I’ll get it done before I reach 95 because there are other things to do. Thanks so much. You two are wonderful artists. h


  2. I loved seeing your Making My Bed video Salley! I purchased the book for my mother and you kindly inscribed it–thank you! It is a real gem.

  3. I have admired your work for years. I have made several of the fairy dolls and love collecting artificial flower petals to make skirts and wings. A friend collected dozens of acorn caps for my creations and they are perfect. Like you have said, each figure takes on it’s own personality. thank you for your creations for books and videos. Happy stitching and can’t wait to get MY BED!!

  4. That was wonderful! I really enjoyed watching your creative process. Many thanks to you and Rob for sharing this. I am a great admirer of your art and own several of your books. They have become my favorite books to give as gifts. I just love them all!

  5. Hi Salley. Thanks for making and posting this film. It was lovely and informative. I am in awe of how much documentation you do. How fortunate and also disciplined! Great job! Jill

  6. Salley, I found your video through the Fiber Art Friday post from SAQA on Feb 26, 2021. I watched the video twice and it profoundly lifted my spirits. Everything about the rest of my day went better because I felt so inspired by what you’ve done and so grateful that there are people like you making such exquisite work. Thank you.

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