Nasty Fairy Force deployment


The NASTY Fairy Force is eager to take flight and follow their important humanitarian mission. This special unit has been assigned to uplift the disheartened and guard against bullying and harassment in the homeland and overseas. NASTY may look cute, but can she sting! The swarm of 25 fairies will be deployed on Saturday, Nov. 19th at 10 AM EST, in my ETSY shop. First come, first served. Update: the dolls are all sold


Months of preparation have led up to their readiness, with an extra push at the end to help meet this week’s emergency call for action. May the Fairy Force be with you! The dolls are based on the designs in my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures.







18 thoughts on “Nasty Fairy Force deployment

  1. I love it! I should try to find me some of those flowers so I can make a few of my own Nasty fairies for some family who need some cheering up right now.

  2. Love this Sally! We must never forget the spirit which may be unseen but exherts influence for goodness and truth! Thank you for animating the force!

    Megan in Boulder CO

  3. Your Fairy-Force is wonderful. They each look fierce and determined — both necessary qualities for forging ahead to support and nourish all good things which flow from the heart and which we know to be good and true, fair and right to all.

  4. I think the fairies are beautiful. I love the idea of a strong fierce woman! It makes me sad, though, that fairies would turn nasty. The election in the US and the Brexit vote are scary and awful things. We want to respond with nastiness and fierceness.

    Please, please could you make a batch of loving kindness and compassionate fairies? As we say in the US “Love trumps hate.” Lots of us are trying to respond to hate with love.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. All of my previous fairies have been of the kind and loving sort. But, I think real fairies have a distinct nasty streak, which makes them more effective in standing up to bullies and protecting the defenseless.

  5. Too funny. Kinda like when you sit on a bee in the grass and they don’t like that. Float like a butterfly but sting like a bee. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when someone lands on you hard.

  6. Well done Salley! Glad to know they will be on the job starting Saturday and will spread out throughout the country, maybe the world.

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