2015 in review

I thought it would be a simple task. But, 3 days after first sitting down to compile a list of things that happened in 2015, I’m finally ready to hit the publish button. Needless to say, it’s been a very busy 12 months! At this time a year ago, I was gearing up for the release of my new book. Once Felt Wee Folk was properly launched, I concentrated on making new work that reflects my desire to move in a new direction. There are other projects and travels mentioned, too. I hope you enjoy following the links to review and find out more about the highlights of the past year. Happy New Year to all of you and may your 2016 be filled with wonder!








The year started with snow and freezing temperatures outside, but it was cozy and productive inside.

* Prepared for release of new edition of how-to book,  Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures.
* Rob and I filmed and edited book trailer for Felt Wee Folk and published it on YouTube.
* Made wee folk cart for the book’s  Blog Tour.
* Felt Wee Folk makes C&T Publishing’s top 10 list of best sellers for 2015.







Filled lots of Etsy Shop orders for books, posters, cards and fairy making supplies.
Posted many, many photos on Instagram.
Posted something almost every day on Facebook.

Fairy House blog-1FairyHouse23








* Curated Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall exhibit.
* Made “Grate Hall” fairy house.
* Made fairy family of 5 and promotional video for Highfield Hall Raffle.



RosieScotland6 Traveled to Scotland in June & Oct Made new traveling doll, Rosie.

Introducing Rosie Doll’s Travels
Polly Doll’s travels


Finished two new 18″ x 24″ pieces, Face Time and Whiskers. Read blog posts about making Face Time here. I plan to write blog posts about Whiskers soon, but you can see a preview in this Facebook Album.




Worked on women’s heads for Cover Up, a new fabric relief piece in progress. I’ll write a blog post about it when it’s completed later this winter. For now, you can see head close ups in this Facebook Album.



Articles about my work:
Inspirations Magazine
While She Naps Podcast
Home Review Magazinewhileshenaps





Desire-19535Made Desire doll for my sister, Anne Mavor’s ancestor art project crowd source raffle.

Completed Ltd. Edition of Fiona fairies.






1005544_1012123585476401_7945782980663505938_nTurned 60 years old.

Wrote this blog post about artistic privacy and my thoughts about When to tell how and when not to.

The Pocketful of Posies Touring Exhibit was at the following venues:

Lexington Public Library
Newton Free Library 
Harford County Public Library
Upcountry History Museum, Greenville, SC (until Feb. 14, 2016)


IMG_311011111816_951680214854072_5634637443876924053_oMade wedding and baby gifts. potholders and  thousands of cheese straws.








10 thoughts on “2015 in review

  1. I’m so glad I found you on Pinterest. I liked this blog the most. It gave me more information from the past year. I’m glad you put the YouTube video on it. I saw a Nativity Scene I wanted to do. I’m just making sure. Is it in the Felt Wee Folk New Adventures book? Does it come in a kit? I can spend 2016 making it. I love your work.

    • Yes, the nativity scene is in my new book, Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures. There isn’t a kit, but the book has a good source list of suppliers. I hope that you try it and make your own. You are guaranteed to get hooked on making wee folk!

  2. It appears that you simply get better with each new year of life! This is a year that I would call “WOW”. I am so thrilled with your work and thank you for every single special touch you share with us! Such a joyful work you have chosen….there can’t be much more fun than being an artist!!!!


  3. Just like to say thanks for sharing all your beautiful creations ,sights etc. It takes me to another place in this stressed out world

  4. Happy belated milestone birthday! And thank you for posting that photo of the ladies’ heads. They are utterly exquisite and delightful in every detail. I look forward to more photos. Also enjoyed seeing the potholder photo as the one in my own kitchen makes me smile… and alas, I had intentions of making cheese straws last month, but opted for batches of fancy cookies instead. Looking into my crystal ball, I see cheese straws in my near future…

    I hope your coming year is filled with as many delights as the past year has held.

  5. I was able to see your exhibit at the Upcountry Museum in SC. I was captivated! Luv the details, and your work is exquisite! So delightful! Love your work!!

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