Scotland (Oct. 2015) Iona

Scotland_Oct15vOne of the special places we visited in Scotland was the small Isle of Iona. The Irish Saint Columba founded a monastery there in the 6th century and it remained a center of Gaelic Monasticism for 4 centuries.


We couldn’t have wished for a more gorgeous, sparkling day to take a ferry ride and walk around the village.


The Iona Abbey is a short hike from the ferry dock.


The 8th Duke and Duchess of Argyle are buried inside.


We wanted to stay longer in this tranquil spot, but had to catch the ferry back.



11 thoughts on “Scotland (Oct. 2015) Iona

  1. Thought you were the two tranquil people lying down (as a joke) but had to get up to catch the ferry….so I thought the wording was under the photo rather than over it! Gave me a giggle!

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  2. I have visited Iona and I loved the atmosphere too, although I loved Lindisfarne more in Northumberland – less touristy somehow. I also would have liked to stay longer on Iona, but the ferry really does set the timings and the rhythm of the place. With Lindisfarne it is the tides that set the times due to access over the causeway. Once we went before the tide came up so we were deliberately stuck on the island and then we found out that everything of course shuts because theoretically all the visitors have left and so I guess it would be the same on Iona too.

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