Scotland – June 2015: roofs


Throughout Scotland, the building materials of choice are stone, with slate roofs.The rooftop scene above was taken from Stirling Castle. And just a short stroll down toward town is Argyll’s Lodging (below).


Argyll’s Lodging

This joining of metal and slate roofs was in a village along the Caledonian Canal.


Chimney pots and pointy roofs with finials added a bit of whimsy to the solid structures. The rest of the photos were taken in small towns in the Highlands and in Inverness.








6 thoughts on “Scotland – June 2015: roofs

  1. At one time these roofs were considered the norm for their day..and were never given a second glance..yet to recreate such roofs on a modern structure today would run into the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. What a treasure they possess.
    GOD Bless,

  2. If you ever have the chance, I suggest a trip to Derbyshire and Yorkshire in England. I’m sure you would love the architecture and scenery there too. Not quite as dour as Scotland can be or as majestic, but still interesting

  3. So beautiful..have not been to Scotland (yet) but will (bucket list)…keep posting those images that catch your attention….perhaps we shall see reflections of these in your future projects..

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