Felt Wee Folk arriving soon!

feltweefolknewcoverblogI’m excited the report that my order of Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures is being trucked across the country this week! The books were printed in China and transported by sea to a west coast port. After being delayed by the Longshore Union’s work slow-down, I am happy to say that the shipment was finally unloaded and delivered to C&T Publishing’s California warehouse. For a while, I wasn’t sure if we’d get the books in time for the series of book signings and talks I’m giving (see schedule at the end of this post), but it all worked out.

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this book, so I’m relieved to know that my 15 cases will be here (hopefully) on Friday! All of the snow we’ve been having has made it easier to stay inside and get ready.


To those of you who’ve pre-ordered the book through my Etsy Shop, thank you for your patience. It won’t be long before your copy is sent off. I’ve been busy preparing for the book’s arrival like an expectant parent for a new baby. My studio is stacked with 100’s of addressed US Priority Mail envelopes filled with extra goodies for my Etsy customers. Each book comes with a poster (folded flat), a wee folk notecard, and faux flowers to make 2 fairies. These items will also be included with orders placed after the book is released. And, of course I’ll autograph each book! FYI, Etsy now accepts credit cards in addition to Paypal. The book is also available through booksellers, but it doesn’t come with these bonus items.


It was fun matching up color combinations of faux flowers for fairy petticoats.


I got out my long-neglected collection of stamps and decorated mailing envelopes and thank you cards. Selecting which stamps to use was like picking out clothes from your closet — there are many choices, but you always end up with a few favorite ones!


The mailers are ready for my international customers, too. I’ve already filled out the customs forms, so that they can be mailed out right away. Hold tight, before you know it, you’ll have your own copy to pour over. Then, you’ll run the risk of becoming hooked on making your own special wee folk dolls. Those of you who’ve delved into the first Felt Wee Folk: Enchanted Projects know what I’m talking about!


UPCOMING BOOK LAUNCH EVENTS on Salley Mavor’s schedule ~ A collection of original dolls from the book will come along for show and posters will be included with book purchases:

Wednesday, March 4th at 7:00 pm ~ Artist Talk and book signing at the Lexington Public (Cary Memorial) Library, Lexington, Massachusetts. (In conjunction with the Pocketful of Posies exhibit.)
Sunday, March 8th at 3:00 pm ~ Book Release party at Eight Cousins Bookstore, Falmouth, Massachusetts.
Thursday, March 12 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm ~ Book Signing at Gallery 65 on William, New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Sunday, March 15th at 2:00 pm ~ Book Signing and presentation, Return of the Wee Folk at the Sandwich Public Library, Sandwich, Massachusetts
Tuesday, April 21 at 7:00 pm ~ Artist Talk and book signing at the Newton Free Library, Newton, Massachusetts. (In conjunction with the Pocketful of Posies exhibit.)



15 thoughts on “Felt Wee Folk arriving soon!

  1. Hi Salley. I’m just as excited as you – for you and for me to get the book. I’m sorry I don’t do paypal so I’ll order it on Amazon I guess. Have a great book launch – at every venue. Can’t wait to see the book. hugs, helen

  2. Oh Salley, How exciting for you, your family, the publisher, and your followers. Congratulations! The arrival/birth of this book has been longer than 9 months and I can’t believe it’s already 2015 and it’s on its way! I know the excitement of opening that first box! Glad you’ve had all that inside time with all the storms to prepare for Friday’s arrival.

  3. Sorry to miss the Eight Cousins book signing….but not really….we’re having a great time in Berkeley, CA!!! Lucky us! Best wishes dealing with yet more snow, though it does look beautiful! Love, Maria

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Congratulations! I know I will love it as much as your first book.
    Keep warm!
    I’ve moved south but now miss out on the chance to go to one of your book signings…darn
    on the other hand, not a flake to shovel. Happy Sewing

  5. Salley This is so funny. I was researching a book on Amazon yesterday and your new Wee Felt Book appeared as something I might be interested in purchasing..which reminded me that your book was due to come out any day, and today here is your email in my mailbox. I am so happy not only to be reminded that your book was due out any day but to be able to purchase it directly from you.. I feel so Blessed. Congratulations to you and your Rob. I sure everyone that will love your new book as much as the first one. GOD Bless, Rebecca

  6. Looking forward to the arrival of my very own autographed book…so glad to hear that it is almost ready to mail! I have been thinking of you a LOT lately, hoping you are dealing with the snow, cold, wind, etc. as best you can. Thanks for the pix of your front door…that says it all! I keep telling my friends that we need to “focus on the crocus” because indeed, they will be popping through before we know it and the wintry weather will be a distant memory.

  7. How generous you are in your craft. It came to me as I read your email today. Living in California I have been listening to news from the docks. Negotiations, struggles, so many affected in different ways. You turn it sweetly on it’s side. You stamp, and color and choose your effect.
    Truly your Art. Detail, full attention and generosity. Your gift to each and everyone of us.
    Heart-felt Thanks.


  8. So excited to receive your new book Salley, I am addicted to making your little dolls and adore your first book, it is almost falling apart from use. Thank you so much for adding some extra treats, that is so “you”. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas.

    Thank you.


  9. Book just arrived and it’s lovely and I appreciate all the gifts! What a day – I also received a Petit Gosset Doll I have been wanting. You two are my favorite doll artists.

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