France (misc.)


Toc, toc, qui est la? It seems fitting to start this post with an inviting door knocker, which we saw many examples of around France. Here’s the last selection of miscellaneous photographs I took last fall during our trip to Provence and along the Canal du Midi. There are doors, gates, grape vines, mermaids and vegetable gardens that somehow touched my fancy. I’ve enjoyed bringing you along on this visit to beautiful France!


Castlenaudary, France


Marseille, France





8 thoughts on “France (misc.)

  1. Hello Sally, I have been following your blogs with interest and especially the river boat photos and the doors and streets in France. Unhappily, I have deleted them and find that I would like, with your permission, to use one of them. If you browse my two books on my website you will see the one on stitching recognizable Spring flowers. I want to redo this book in a 2nd edition; update the layout, change wording and add some more pictures and samples. The problem with spring blooms is that they are mostly close to the ground and as such, do not fit into a vertical format very well. I would like to use a photo of a door and wall and place a several tiered plant stand outside and against the wall and beside one of those fascinating French doorways. There will be plants in pots and also some cut flowers. Of course, if you are willing to allow me to use a photo of yous as a background, you will get a thank in the book along with the many stitchers who contribute completed scenes such as the gardens. I want to also include some really small projects such as name tags, brooches and greeting cards. Many people are glad to try something new and different but they want to use is on a small piece first.
    With thanks Ann Bernard.

  2. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. The pictures are wonderful and I too love that door in the stone wall and would love to see a quilt project done using that as inspiration

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