France (lock houses)


During our visit to France, we spent a week navigating a barge along the Canal du Midi. There were were many locks to go through and each had a cute  lock house, all with signature red tile roofs, and green doors and shutters.


The canal was beautiful, with tall plane trees arching over, creating a shaded waterway. Our excursion included 18 friends from home, 9 couples who were divided into 3 boats. The barges were like floating Winnebagos, with accommodations for sleeping, cooking and eating aboard. Like renting a camper, you are given a key and simple instructions and off you go! Some of us rode bikes along the side path, faster than the barges, which puttered along at 5 miles an hour.


Each lock had a keeper who operated the lock, which in this case lowered us down.


I was so taken with the charming lock houses! The canal took us to several towns and villages, which I’ll be showing in future posts.









7 thoughts on “France (lock houses)

  1. How fun! This reminds me of the tour we took on the Erie Canal last summer. We went through a couple of locks, and it was so interesting! There was a tiny lock house for the lock keeper, not like the beautiful lock houses that you saw in France.

  2. oh! je suis française je vie dans le beaujolais nord de Lyon et je ne connais pas…
    nous pourrions bien aller voir les maisons des gardiens et les petits chemins avec le camping car et nos vélos .

  3. What an interesting way to travel France with such a large group. How fun and beautiful for all of you. I was in Paris and up to Normandy myself with 5 in our family in Sept.

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