walk around Edgartown


The island of Martha’s Vineyard is just a few miles off the coast of Woods Hole, but it seems far away, like a separate, insular territory. People are often surprised by its size, 30 miles long, with a half-dozen towns. We like to drive our motor boat over at least once a summer. This time we went to Edgartown, which usually has moorings available for a few hours and the added bonus of a public launch service that takes you to and from your boat in the harbor.


Each town on the island has its own character, from pastoral to gritty. Edgartown is sort of upscale touristy, with lots of high-end shops and manicured properties. It’s pretty, but almost too well-kept up to feel real.  Edgartown5

We watched the car ferry make its way across the narrow channel to Chappaquiddick Island. Imagine having to travel this way every time you want to go to the main island.


That’s Chappaquiddick, where the ferry docks on the other side.


There are bicycles everywhere! Car traffic is bad, so traveling by bike is preferred. It was a beautiful day and we had a nice time before getting back to our boat and heading home across the water. I hope that you enjoy this little photo tour of our visit!






4 thoughts on “walk around Edgartown

  1. Hi Sally,

    We live (rent)a condo on Highfield Drive and we were told yesterday that our landlord wants to sell our condo. We would like to stay in the Falmouth area and need a 2 bedroom house, condo or apt. If you hear of anything, would you PLEASE let me know?

    Thank you so much, Jeremy Brown


  2. I’m in California, I’ve never emailed you but I do want you to know how much I enjoy you as an artist. I also love seeing pics of your travels and the area you live in. It’s like another world in our great USA!!! Thank You Denise

    • Thanks so much for checking in Denise. I’m never really sure if my travel posts fit in with the other stitching related stories on this blog. So, it’s great to hear your vote of approval.


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