it’s foggy today


It’s relatively warm today (in the 40’s), but the snowy ground and ocean water are still chilly. Sometimes that combination creates a thick fog and today it lured us outside. After lunch, Rob and I grabbed our cameras and drove around Quisset and Woods Hole to take photos. This section shows another view of our seaside village, from a floating dingy surrounded by ice to the dormant communal garden behind Challenger House. Even in winter, Nobska light’s fog horn sends a warning out to sea.







9 thoughts on “it’s foggy today

  1. Beautiful snapshots Sally…it’s finally sunny here today in the Fort Worth area…many thanks to you for sharing your little corner of the world!
    just me…a Texas gal…jan

  2. Oh, that is beautiful…thank you… I love fog it can be so mysterious and ethereal…
    Got a wonderful laugh due to technology…opened up your email and nothing was there… I said to myself…I guess it is really foggy! (it was taking longer than usual to open)

  3. You have captured a very peaceful winter feeling with your beautiful photos- such a relief from the news – Thank you!!

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