Posies at New England Quilt Museum


I am happy to announce that the Pocketful of Posies traveling exhibit will be displayed at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA from Nov. 21st ~ Dec. 28th. I’m planning to take down the show and pack up the artwork in the afternoon on Dec. 28th, so get there early if you want to see everything hung that day. But, don’t wait until the last day– go see it soon and then return with your friends! It’s also a good time of year for families in the Boston area to go during the Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. As you know, this show is not just for children, but for all who delight in handwork and the imagination.

The original illustrations are being hung in the classroom gallery, which recently had museum lighting installed and it looks really nice. Half of the total collection of 50 pieces will be in Lowell, while the other half are currently being shown at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, in Dennis, MA until Jan. 26th, 2014. Both exhibits have been on the schedule for quite some time, so It’s feels good to finally have them up and running!


9 thoughts on “Posies at New England Quilt Museum

  1. I feel I am missing out not seeing your exhibitions so I have bought the book, it came yesterday and well I maybe 66 but I love it, it really is a lovely book to pick up and browse through, some of the nursery rhymes I had not come across before and your illustrations are beautiful and so adorable. also got your felt wee folk one, my daughter was picking out all she would like me to make for her, (she is 37) she loves the angels but has agreed I can do the butterfly brooch first, may thanks for such wonderful books.

    • Margaret,
      I’m so glad that you have been able to get my books in the UK. Of course, they are not the same as seeing the originals, but are the next best thing. I hope that you enjoy making the projects in Felt Wee Folk!

  2. I have a question. Salley, you showed us how in Wee Folks how to make dolls and leaves and other things. Then on your website you showed us how you made your birds. I’m working on an Iroquois story from the Seneca people in upstate NY about strawberries (I’m half Mohawk) and I started to use the pieces I’ve made following the Wee Folk book as well as pieces that I’ve dreamed up from my own mind and other patterns I’ve gotten from other embroidery places. My question is about your post a week or so ago about the people stealing from other artists. I don’t want to do that; my little dolls are dressed in “traditional” outfits from the Iroquois (modern day) and since I love the trees I’ve used those. Am I stealing from you to make these pictures? If so I will stop and I will find another way. Please let me know. Thanks and many hugs for all your wonderful work. helen


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