8000 views of Rabbitat film


I am happy to say that the RABBITAT film has been viewed over 8000 times! Find links to blog posts about the process of making my piece, Rabbitat here. A great big thank you to filmmakers Daniel Cojanu and Elise Hugus from UnderCurrent Productions for encapsulating my work in such an engaging way for 7 minutes. For those of you who haven’t yet seen the film or want to look at it again, here it is:

6 thoughts on “8000 views of Rabbitat film

  1. Congratulations Salley on a wonderful film, I just love it and just viewed it again! Everything you do is magical and the film shows that! I used to love embroidery, but must say I never felt it was relaxing, struggled over the tiny stitches and learning new ones! I do remember loving all the wool and planning a project, that was the best part! Thank you for letting us see a little of your wonderful world!

  2. Hi Sally- How I wish I could see your Rabbit film but for some reason no picture comes up. If you know why please let me know since Id love to see it.
    Thanks and wonderful website and sharing your beautiful work.

  3. I absolutely love this film. Your work is sooooo warm and cosy and you have such a mischievous twinkle in your eye, that I couldn’t help smiling whilst watching it.

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