Fairy Houses of Beebe Woods #1

ursulaWM We had the most glorious day for the opening of The Fairy Houses of Beebe Woods exhibit at Highfield on Sunday. All 23 habitats were installed and ready for the hundreds of visitors who showed up for the event. This past week, one of the artists, Jenny Junker brought her children along while she constructed “Chippikomuk” at her site (below). Her daughter Ursula made her own “Pine Cone Cottage” (above).

fairyfamilyraffleOther Fairy House News
(added May 30, 2015)
The Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall outdoor exhibit will be held from June 28th to August 31, 2015 at Highfield Hall in Falmouth, MA. In addition to curating the exhibit, Salley Mavor has made a fairy family of 5, which is being raffled (3 tickets for $5.00). Tickets may be purchased online or at Highfield Hall, where the fairy family is on display. The raffle drawing will be August 30, 2015. The prize will be sent to the winner anywhere in the world! Good luck!

jennyjunkerWM To help celebrate, I had Jo Ann from Cape Cod Henna decorate my hand. The design has gotten darker since the weekend and people think it’s a real tattoo, which makes me feel quite daring! It’s supposed to last for a few weeks, so I’m going to have fun with it. I also wore a brocade vest I made a few years ago. hennahandWM People really enjoyed following the fairy house tour map which brought them to parts of the property that they may not have seen before. I made a colored pencil drawing of Highfield with the house locations. A graphic designer added my curator’s note, the list of fairy house names and their makers to the finished printed map, which is available in the building. The houses are situated in a wide scope, throughout the gardens and walkways of the property. The exhibit will be open until July 21, 2013, M – F 10am – 4pm, Sat. and Sun. 10am – 2pm. fairy tour map blog openhouse “Hidden House”, made by artist Julie Child invites close inspection. juliechildWM Barbara Whitehead and Bruce Safley constructed “Texas Redbud Cottage” this past winter in Texas. They brought it with them on their yearly drive north to their summer place in Woods Hole. It looks so good standing high above the boxwood hedge in the sunken garden. bwhiteheadsfairyhouse Pippa Ryan brought her delightful creation outside during the opening. “Pippa’s House” was her high school senior project last year. Her house and another one are protected from the weather inside the building. pipashouse Glen Carliss’s remarkable house, “Stonehedge” is being called a lighthouse by children who see it. Word about the exhibit is spreading fast and I can imagine many cell phone photos are being shared far and wide. For those who live too far away to visit, I will post more pictures of the other houses soon. fairyhouse16

12 thoughts on “Fairy Houses of Beebe Woods #1

  1. One of my friends back in Malden MA went to see the exhibit with her daughter and father. They loved it and generated a lot of excitement from the photos they posted on Facebook. The houses look fantastic! Wish I weren’t in Denver!

  2. Seeing these whimsical houses makes me want to return to Highfield for sure! I love all the creativity from so many folks, of all ages. Thank you again for sharing your very special and wee little world with us.

  3. Salley, thank you so much for the pictures! What a wonderful, whimsical art exhibit. It touches the heart of all who believe in realms hidden from our common sight. Looking forward to feasting on more pictures.


  4. These are wonderful! Much better than a Barbie Dream House! I raised my kids in the woods and I wish we had made some fairy houses but I didn’t think of it.

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