artwork @ Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital


I recently heard from the curator at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, who acquired some of my artwork for their collection in the 90’s. It’s been more than 15 years and I haven’t been very good about keeping records of where my work has gone, especially from the pre-computer days. I remembered that that my work was at the Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, so I was glad to clarify which pieces have been hanging there all these years.


There are 2 original illustrations from the 1st edition of Mary Had a Little Lamb. The book has been out of print for years and a few weeks ago, I found a carton of them in my attic! So, I’m selling them in my Etsy Shop (while supplies last). This is a rare opportunity, because it’s practically impossible to find a new, hard cover copy, let alone an autographed one!



The public can see these pieces on the first floor of the Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. In addition to the 2 original illustrations, they’ve mounted the printed pages from the book along a wall, so people can see and read the whole story.


Another piece, Falling Leaves, is hanging in the 2nd floor elevator lobby. It makes me feel good to know that families spending time in the hospital may have been comforted by my artwork, even if for a moment.



7 thoughts on “artwork @ Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

  1. Hello Salley, The Etsy site is not letting me order this book. I am extremely keen to be one of the lucky recipients of the hard copy – I do own a softcover edition, but have been wanting to find one to give to a young mother (I already gave her the board book version) for when her little Aria grows into having a real book. When she was barely still just a “newborn” she chose as her favourite toy a floppy lamb who I suspect will be her companion all her life, by the intensity of the attachment formed. I will keep trying the Etsy site, but could you PLEASE put a copy aside for me meantime?

    Frances Rautenbach

  2. Forgot to add my reason for the purchase. When I lived in Marin County, our daughters and I took care of 3 orphaned new-born lambs for a local shepherd for three weeks. Work—but lots of fun for us. The picture of Mary with the lamb brought back all those memories.

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