Poster Giveaway!

Poster - Birds of Beebe Woods

Poster – Birds of Beebe Woods

To mark the one year anniversary of my Etsy Shop, I will be giving away 2  Birds of Beebe Woods posters. Because of the cost of postage, the contest is just open to US and Canadian residents. To enter, please leave a comment saying something about your favorite bird from the piece by April 21st, 2013. Two winners will be picked at random on April 22nd.

I love all of your stories about why you’ve chosen a particular bird. Keep ’em coming!

The original Birds of Beebe Woods is currently in the Fantastic Fibers show at the Yeiser Art Center in Paducah, KY.


103 thoughts on “Poster Giveaway!

  1. My favorite bird is the chickadee. They are friendly, cheery, and unafraid. I can’t wait to meet them all later this month in Paducah!

  2. Sally, all of your birds are quite amazing, and I love each one for different reasons. There is something about a crow that intrigues me, though, and yours is quite handsome. Thank you for a chance at having this beautiful poster arrive at my house. My fingers are crossed. 🙂

  3. My favorite bird is the yellow one with black wings and a black patch on top of its head. Maybe because yellow is my favorite color? Maybe because it reminds me of a ray of sunshine shooting through a dark forest. It’s hard to always pinpoint why something is your favorite, but that is what my eyes are drawn to. Beautiful! Thanks for your work.

  4. Love your work, am looking forward to seeing this lovely one in Paducah in a week – the little nuthatch is SEW adorable the way he climbs up/down the branches with no trouble at all.

  5. Salley, thank you for this fun chance to receive one of your beautiful posters! I love all these birds & the way you have created them, from the wren with its bubbly song, to the beautiful colors of the cardinal, goldfinch and blue jay, but for this posting I will say my favorite is the cedar waxwing because it reminds me of the time years ago when one of my daughters was very young and wanted to give me a present on my birthday….she was so excited that a cedar waxwing showed up in our garden that day; I loved that she noticed it and “gave” it to me, knowing how special it was!

  6. Your work is wonderful. I love seeing what you are working on. My favorite is the female cardinal. Cardinal is my favorite bird because of the red color. The male is so easy to see at the bird feeder. I chose the female because she is sitting on a nest – hope for the future.
    Congratulations on the first anniversary of your Etsy shop!

  7. I looked up some facts about one of my favorites- the blue jay – and found this interesting:
    The pigment in Blue Jay feathers is melanin, which is brown. The blue color is caused by scattering light through modified cells on the surface of the feather barbs.

  8. Hello Salley~ Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with many crafty people. You are surely an inspiration to me! I love the woodpecker. We have many on our property and I love hearing them peck away …..unless of course it is our house(we live in a log cabin)! Here’s to another great year on Etsy!
    Penny Walls

  9. I adore each and every one of your birds, But i’m going to say the black bird…the detail in his chest and head and wings…love, love, love !

  10. Hi Salley,  please enter me into the drawing for the poster of your exquisite birds.  It was so inspiring to get to see your steps in creating it on your fabulous blog.   Best, Sheila Rauen

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  11. All of your work is amazing, but this one in particular speaks to me. My favorite bird is the Blue Jay. Though many people find them bossy and mean, I enjoy watching them in my yard with their bright colors and bobbing heads. They’re a little bit cocky and that suits them well as they rush out to defend their yard from interlopers like hawks and crows. We have chickens and ducks that wander our yard and the fight-calls of the Blue Jays warn them (and us) of impending danger. You’ve captured their beautiful color just perfectly. (though I also love how you’ve got the Nuthatch’s stance down perfectly too)

  12. I have a birdhouse outside my bedroom window. A tiny wren lives there every spring. I love hearing his loud song in the mornings. You’ve illustrated the wren beautifully, right up to the upturned tail. I am planning on visiting “The Birds of Bebe Woods” in Paducah when I go next week. It’ll be one of the highlights of my week. Thanks for sharing your art with us. Donna

  13. I was glad you asked which bird was our favorite. The birds were all beautiful, but I really did not notice how anatomically correct you had created them. Most of these birds are frequent visitors to my feeders and bring me joy when I see them. The Chickadee is one is see most often so I will pick him as my favorite!

  14. All the birds on your wall hanging are beautiful.My favorite would have to be the Bluejay. Hearing the” jay jay” call during bleak winter days has always cheered me up.Looking at the Bluejay in your art work reminds me of how I see him sitting in the Cherry tree after helping himself to a seed out of our bird feeder

  15. My favorite bird on this piece is the Robin! They bring cheer after a long winter! First sign of spring here in frozen Wisco! They came back way too soon this year as we still have some snow on the ground.

  16. My darling Mom used to say that she wanted to be a Cardinal in her next life, so I always think of her when I see a picture of one. Unfortunately, we don’t have Cardinals where I live, but they’re still one of my favorite birds.

  17. I really enjoyed seeing your process and watching your creation come alive. I love the cardinals and how you put the female in a nest. We have two pair that visit my feeder and I love how they share the seeds and makes it look like they are kissing.


  18. I totally enjoy receiving your emails with how you are progressing on your projects. My favorite is the cedar waxwing. We have a tree at my work and every year the cedar waxwings migrate to that tree to eat the berries for about two days and then they are gone for another year. They are a most beautiful bird.


  19. Breaking the rules I have two favorites for different reasons.

    In my world crows are annoying and predatory. They are hard to like but easy to respect. They are brilliant, with their ability to use “tools” and their commitment to family. Plus their lush black feathers are regal. I just wish they could learn to lower their voices!

    On the other end of the spectrum the bird I have always found easy to love and admire is the female cardinal. Unlike her male counterpart she is understated, with beautifully muted earth tones. She is content to be unseen to protect her little peeps.

  20. I love the female cardinal (I think that’s what it is, in the nest in the upper left corner). But they are all beautiful!

  21. It’s a stunning piece, both from a distance, and in the intricate details of your stitching. The whole piece has so much movement, it is not hard to imagine each bird suddenly taking flight, or singing, or settling down into her nest. I couldn’t begin to pick a favorite, but I’ve always been fond of cardinals, both male and female. The brilliant red of the male is so striking, but I muse over the bright orange beak of the female, in contrast to the rather plain coloring of her feathers. It reminds me of a woman’s bright dash of lipstick. It is so pleasant to receive your weekly emails, always with a bit of beauty or whimsy or keen observations of the world. Thanks.

  22. I love all of the birds, but have a special place in my memories for the Cardinal hen. It involves a frequently shared family story that l won’t go into here…let’s just say it was a close encounter of the bird kind!

  23. I love that all the birds are stitched so well that they are immediately recognizable. I too live in SO AZ and birds are a big part of my enjoyment of the area. I like the raven the best. I am in awe of your detail.

  24. We always have a family of cardinals in our yard, despite the two lazy cats sleeping on the deck. To our cats, birds are just too quick to catch, although a mockingbird has made life unpleasant for them before. Love all the birds in your piece.

  25. They are all so interesting — I love looking at each and every one of them. I think my favorite is the big black crow in the middle! His black-on-black texture is so intriguing! You inspire me! Thank you.

  26. Congratulations on your one year anniversary of your Etsy shop! My favorite is the male cardinal – I love that he is looking back at his mate in the next.

  27. Congrats from me as well on your Etsy shop! My favorite is the female cardinal, all snug in her nest. Love the three dimensionality of the whole piece, but especially that section, with the branches holding it as well.

  28. I have loved watching this beautiful piece evolve from start to finish. The cedar Waxwing is my favorite. I once observed a mini-flock in a holly bush during the fall migration. Such magnificent birds.

  29. Hi Salley, I love Cardinals. They were my Meme’s favorite too. Every time I see one, I think of her. I got to see this piece in person at your open house…..beautiful.
    have a great day!

  30. I love them all, but I narrowed it down to the Cedar Waxing because I can remember the first time I saw a small flock of them. I was ten years old and my pulse raced at the sight of them. I have been a lover of birds all my life, they always bring joy to any day.

  31. All the birds are wonderful, but I am partial to Ravens and have decided that the black bird in the center is a Raven (even if it’s a crow!). I feed raptors and ravens at a wildlife rescue center and love the watch the antics of the ravens.

  32. All the birds are wonderful, but I am especially fond of Ravens. So, I have decided that the black bird in the center is actually a Raven, and he is definitely my favorite. I feed raptors and ravens at a nearby animal rescue park and love to watch the antics of the ravens.

  33. Dear Salley, It’s difficult to pick a favorite as they all are so beautiful. The stitching on the blue jay has really caught my eye, but I also love the darkness of the crow. I just love all birds!

  34. I love the robin at the bottom of the poster! I love the texture created in the red breast. I love the little circles in the tail. I know spring is coming when I see the first robin hopping in my yard. Lovely, lovely work Salley! Congratulations on the one-year anniversary of your Etsy shop.

  35. Humming birds are my favorites, they are little hovering jewels and it’s magic when I see one in my garden. but robins and crows are a next big fav. the crows in the neigborhood are friendly and say hello if you are out in the morning, they grok encouragement when I am gardening. and the robins have come to my home to nest ever since I was a little they find an awning or a corner where the porch and roof meet and nest till their littlest grow up to fly away. they are always in the yard worming and they are one of the first birds you hear in the morning.
    I love your pieces the whimsy and love with which you sculpt is wonderful, thank you for sharing your talent in such an open and inviting way.

  36. I have to say that my heartstrings are tugged by the crow. My sister loved them and fed them every morning. The day of her funeral there was one that hung around the house during the wake all day long. I liked to think it was her way of saying goodbye. Her husband and 3 girls still feed them every day and so continue the tradition. Love your work and appreciate the incredible work that goes into it.

  37. Oh…. which one to pick; they are all wonderful… I love the nuthatch, so acrobatic! Thanks for the chance to win a poster.

  38. I love the robin since it is a harbinger of spring (and our state bird) in Wisconsin. You are an inspiration to me while I continue to learn felt crafts. Thank you!!!

  39. I see most of those same birds out my window. Lately the Robins and the Waxwings have been quite entertaining – with one Robin in particular keeping the droves of Waxwings in check at the watering hole. I pick your Robin as my favorite.

  40. It is hard to choose a favorite! The colors on the female cardinal are so wonderful:I love how you used the thread to “shade” the color of her beautiful head. I will say, however, as an urban dweller that is not particularly fond of the huge number of crows that regularly roost in my neighborhood, your crow helped me to delight in the beauty of that bird!

  41. Hello there! I do love the female cardinal. I looked and looked at it to see how you used the thread to “shade” the beautiful colors on her head! Amazing. I will add that, as a city-dweller that is not fond at ALL of the huge flocks of crows that roost regularly in my neighborhood, your crow helped me to see the beauty of that bird and softened my heart toward them (though I will still go out and bang my pots and pans to “shoo” them away!)

  42. I spent a half hour thinking “the crow! No, I think the goldfinch has to be my choice. Hmm… how can I not pick the jay, or maybe that glorious cardinal? But look at the wing on that downy woodpecker! And the charming way she’s turned the robin’s head, as if he’s listening for a worm just beneath him…” In the end I have to say the nuthatch. If I take even another peek I will change my mind and say “the wren!” Oh, the wren! You must have fallen freshly in love with each bird as you stitched. I’m an artist, too, but on paper, not fabric. I admire your work so much and recognise the love, care, precision and dedication to your craft. The wren it is, then. I have to get back to my pen & ink before spend all morning on your lovely print.

  43. Hi Salley, Congratulations on your one year Etsy anniversary and thank you for the poster give away contest. They are all very beautifully done but I will pick the nuthatch as a favourite bird of mine.

  44. Today my favourite is the goldfinch. Here in Canada they are turning brilliant yellow, just in time to match the daffodils about to bloom. All your birds are charming!

  45. Every time I see this poster I like a different bird…and most are common to my area. Yesterday I liked the black bird but since the robins flirting in my back yard today, I like the robins. Tomorrow the red birds will be top of the list if the chick-a dee or woodpecker aren’t vying for my attention.

  46. I love the Blue Jay. It reminds me of living at Lake of the Woods, because we could sit on the large back deck shaded by the pergola and watch them argue over the bird feeders.

  47. Impossible to pick a favorite… though I am partial to the goldfinch (I think that’s what it is!). Congratulations on the anniversary–and I hope sometime to be able to see your work up close and in person!

  48. All your birds are spectacular and so realistic! It is hard to choose a favourite but I guess I would have to lean towards the Cardinals. Your work is wonderfully detailed! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  49. All of the birds are remarkable! My favorites are the two cardinals because here in Minnesota, the trees are still bare and I can see the males sitting high up in them. I try to replicate his call and am sometimes successful as he flies in closer to check out where the challenge is coming from. This poster would look terrific in my (hopefully soon) new apartment.

  50. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I love the very vocal “bluejay.” Beautiful color and always very entertaining! So nice of you to give us a chance to win your beautiful poster. 🙂

  51. I love them all and already have the poster! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!! Maria

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  52. I love them all your work brings me such joy to look at. The red cardinal is my favorite because my children and grandchildren are graduates of Ball State Univ. and he is the mascot. Thanks so much for letting us travel with you seeing all your pictures. Georgia

  53. I am loving the cardinals in my yard this spring. I like the one in the nest.
    If I win, no postage involved. Thanks for the chance.

  54. I love them all but if I have to pick a favorite it’s the mommy cardinal sitting on the nest. She’s looking across at her husband as if to say “You’d better hurry up with the food, they’ll be here any minute!”

  55. What a great giveaway – I love this piece! I think I love the bluejay best as we raised one that got abandoned and he stayed in our trees a couple of years – so fun to have a tame bird fly down at you but he still got to be wild.

  56. Love the crow best, I think, because he has been a guide for me for many years. Of course, I also love the little junco – love to see them in the snow!

  57. I love many of those birds, and we feed them on seeds and suet year around. Today I think the downy woodpecker is my favorite because he’s such a delightful surprise on the suet feeder by our dining room window!

  58. I Love the red cap Woodpecker.It reminds me of winter when I hang out my peanut butter suet. They just love it., I just love to sit there outside in the cold for a while in the silence of winter and watch them peck away. They do this until early springs then I have to remove the suet for the bear come out and destroy my suet holder and pole. So the Woodpecker reminds me of the changes of the season. I love them all.

  59. There is everything to enjoy about each bird–but I am partial to the crow. It is so beautifully done, but I love it because he (or she) is one of the daily bunch of crows that come to school and spend their day “cleaning up” after the kids’ recess times when they bring their snacks out with them. They also sound off with their “caws” when I’m walking back and forth from the library to classrooms. Last week there were dozens and dozens of them flocking in the Douglas firs around the outer area of the school yard. So–the wonderful CROW it is for me!

  60. I love the nesting cardinal, and her mate who keeps an eye on her from the other side of the piece. They are reminiscent of the pair that nests in my forsythia each year. A beautiful work of art! Thank you for sharing it.

  61. This is so beautiful! I love the blue jay….if you watch any bird feeder, as soon as a jay arrives everyone else makes room or leaves! I love their strength and make way attitude. Lovely!

  62. The cardinal is my shaman, in a way! Whenever i need to make a major decision in life or my husband and i are disagreeing the cardinal shows its face and sings loud and clear. Seeing the beautiful colours makes me pause and think. The cardinal pair is always together and seem to be respectful of one another. My husband and I are do the same. Your work is spectacular and i hope i will one day be able to see it in person. Congratulations on one year. Heres to many more!!

  63. I love the bluejay. Your subtle shading and detail are so realistic that one would not be surprised to see if fly off the page.

  64. The sound of the raucous crow in the fall is a shout-out to their kin that the Indiana corn is harvested and the dried left-overs in the fields are free for the taking! Love your crow with so much detailing on the body and the feathering.

  65. Hello Sally,

    Although I love all birds, my favorite bird in your poste is the woodpecker. At this moment, there is a woodpecker tap, tap, tapping on a tree outside my window. He is a most industrious bird and I have heard him working in many neighborhood trees today. Your replication in the Birds of Beebe Woods is precisely like the Downy Woodpecker who has visited me today. You are a most gifted artist and I am most thankful to have the opportunity to view your work.

    Rosalyn Schultze Stow, MA

    On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 6:02 AM, SALLEY MAVOR

  66. There’s just something about the chickadee that I especially like. They are so small but full of energy and importance. You have captured the personalities of all these birds!

  67. I agree with many of the above posts that all the birds are wonderful and it is hard to choose a favorite. That said, I choose the female cardinal with her subtle coloring—-and then there’s that wonderful nest!

  68. My favorite bird in your piece is the blue bird peeking down over the big bird’s shoulder. Oh, your big bird, not to be confused with Big Bird, though admittedly that Big Bird is no where in site.

  69. I am so inspired by your lovely art and figures! Right now I’m watching the robins show up around my home (though it’s just been snowing). My absolute favorite birds are hummingbirds. I just love to watch them! Jamie V in MT

  70. I love them all but I must say that the Bluejay is the one that stands out the most for me. I scatter feed on the ground outside my kitchen window and I have 5 pairs that visit it every day. I look forward to when they bring their young ones to eat.

  71. Hi Salley,
    I loved being able to “watch” this piece being made through your posts. When the crow was posted, I was thrilled because crow/raven is one of my spirit guides and is a character in a young adult novel I’ve written.

    I loved meeting you last spring at the SCBWI NE conference in Springfield. Seeing some of your pieces in person was such a delight. I’m hoping to visit one of your exhibitions on the Cape this year.

  72. Hello Sally, I just revisited your website. I used to sell your fairy kits & books at my shop, Wish you would make the kits again. Your work is exquisite. I have enjoyed having a pair of your small dolls & making some of your kits. Your birds are wonderful. Of all of them I like the Robin for it represents that warm weather is coming with flowering trees and plants after a cold winter with snow and ice and dreary days. Would love to win your poster.

  73. I like the blue jay: bold and beautiful birds.i’ve liked them since I was a child….I was attracted to their noise and their color.

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