early morning snow cover


This has been a snowy winter. Last week, a few inches of new powder fell overnight. When I woke up and looked outside, the sun was just beginning to light the sky, showing off a fine coating of powdered sugar over every surface. It was the kind of snow that sticks to every branch, like it was sprayed on. I grabbed my camera and headed out, to try to capture the magic of the early morning before it melted away.

snowhouseQuissett harbor looked ethereal.


The village green in Falmouth was as picturesque as ever. I walked around the green and took more photographs of snow-covered houses, walls and St. Barnabas Church.






15 thoughts on “early morning snow cover

  1. If you should ever stop doing what you do (heaven forbid!) you could be a professional photographer, gorgeous, beautful photographs, thank you.

  2. The St. Barnabas photo would make the loveliest of Christmas cards! At least I get to
    almost smell the snow vicariously through your pictures…wonderful!

  3. The pictures are so beautiful and I also loved the details on the houses1 Oh, Salley, have you received the email I sent you regarding my Cinderella picture? If you have a moment, I would love your comment. Thank you so much! Nancy

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