talk @ MECA, Portland, ME

I will be giving a slide talk to illustration students (and the public) at the Maine College of Art in Portland, ME, at 9:30 am, on Thursday, Oct. 11th. Through a series of pictures, I will show my path to discovering my artistic voice. I will also talk to the students about the importance of playing around with different techniques and materials to find out their own unique way of working. Everyone is welcome to attend the talk, which will be in the MECA building, Osher Hall (2nd floor, next to the library) at 522 Congress Street.

5 thoughts on “talk @ MECA, Portland, ME

    • Hi Tina, when I give presentations, it’s off the cuff. I suppose the talk is already on my blog, just spread out over almost 3 years worth of posts. For now, I’m too busy making things to spend much time writing down my thoughts, so it’ll be short musings on the blog, now and then.

  1. Love hearing about your creations and would love to be able to attend your presentations. The rocks and trees in Ireland certainly believe in “wearin’ the green”, don’t they?

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